Quick update: Travis Maier

As reported to me by both Taste from Belgium and Travis himself via email, Travis Maier is now working on the menu at Barcelona in Columbus.  From his email:

I would like to invite you and everyone that follows your blog to make a trip up to Columbus; where I am working at Barcelona Restaurant in German Village.  I’ve been helping them re-work their menu for the past few months and we’re almost there!  After Seny I set out to truly reconnect with traditional Spanish technique while continuing to play with modern flavor combinations and styles and it has been wonderful that Barcelona has allowed me creative freedom to do both!

Awesome!  I ate at Barcelona last summer, and though I liked the atmosphere and service, the food fell a little short.  I hope with Travis’ help, this restaurant can kick up its game and do some fantastic Spanish food.  I can’t wait to go up there again and try it!

Thanks, Travis!