I’m back (and a mini-review about BlogHer)!

After two whirlwind weeks of business travel, I’m back and will be posting again regularly. Did you miss me? I missed YOU.
Food roundup:

I was sick for most of my Chicago trip, but did make it to Hugo’s Frog Bar (and thus Gibson’s; same kitchen) and BIN 36.  I’ll be writing about both of them soon.

BlogHer roundup:

Very disappointed– I’ll write about it more on dittochic, but I found out a couple of things:

1) To BlogHer, food bloggers only write about recipes.  I was one of two (2!) restaurant/general food bloggers in the Food Blogging session.  Everyone else was a mommy blogger who had a cooking blog.

2) The moderator of said session, who will remain nameless, treated me with open disdain when I shared my restaurant blogger perspective about blogging during the recession.  She not only didn’t pay attention–looking everywhere but at the person speaking (me), glancing out the door,  and even looked visibly relieved when another recipe blogger got the mike.  Wow.  The moderator also stated that “no one makes gourmet meals”.  Wrong.

3) The food blogger dinner (which I did not attend, mostly because I didn’t know it occured) apparently revolved around whether or not restaurant bloggers were food bloggers.  Consensus? No.  What?  As Michelle’s husband Kevin said, that’s like penalizing a wine blogger for not making his or her own wine.  Why do bloggers have to be divided into factions, can’t we all just get along?

4) The food blogging session was basically a recipe swap.  It had nothing to do with marketing a food blog during a recession, or blogging tips, or best practices.  The panelists (Michelle excluded– she was as lost as I was) actually promoted buying a DSLR…during a recession blogging panel.  It was ridiculous.

5) As I tweeted this panel, I got several DMs agreeing that it wasn’t what attendees expected, so I swear I’m not insane or sensitive.

So, there you have it.  I doubt I will attend BlogHer Food, particularly if this is the attitude those of us who are not recipe/mommy bloggers are going to get.  Just not worth it.

So glad to be home!