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I’m staying at the Gaylord National Harbor, which is kind of a cool space– though totally geared towards convention travelers. A few places I’ve tried:

Ketchup: Interesting concept (flavored ketchups), really bad execution. It’s a chain restaurant that has been touted on the Food Network, but doesn’t live up to the hype. The “threesome” of fries– garlic parmesan, sweet potato with cinnamon sugar, and Old Bay– are frozen. The ketchups– which all sound good– are ‘house made’ but couldn’t be more than mixing ketchup with a flavoring. The five flavors are ranch (tasted like ranch dressing with some added food coloring), maple (tasted like ketchup mixed with pancake syrup– not real maple syrup), raspberry (ketchup with raspberry syrup– very artificial tasting, and far too sweet), chipotle (which was good– spicy and smoky) and regular ketchup. This concept could be outstanding if done right. Since it was done wrong, my coworkers and I came up with some alternatives that might be more successful:

Pickle Relish
Condiments (in general)

If this tells you anything– “Anywhere but Ketchup” has become our running joke at the conference.

Rosa Mexicano– gorgeous view of the harbor, very stiff margaritas, good tableside guacamole. Fairly romantic and seems to draw locals, not just convention goers.

More soon!

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  • Rosa Mexicano makes *spectacular* table-side guac. As I recall, my b-i-l and I quickly downed a delicious pitcher of sangria at the Atlanta outpost. A chain, but it’s not too overly tacky. I kind of liked the mini sculptures of men diving down the waterfalled wall…
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..On The Road Again =-.

  • Florida Avenue Grill….Ben’s was cool before the NYT decided they needed to reference it in a travel piece once every 18 months. Now it’s a politico photo op set.

    Rib Pit way up 14th street for bulletproof glass-styled takeout.

  • I kind of thought the same thing about Ketchup. Did you try their Lobster Mac’n Cheese though? AMAZING! Our entire group thought it rocked our world, and would be worth coming back just for that one dish. Another tip: at the Gaylord Hotel they have a steakhouse there called Old Hickory. Inside, they have a cheese cave and a cheese expert who lets you sample their fine artisanal cheeses right at your table. It’s a mind-blowing experience for anyone who appreciates great food…if you like cheese that is! But, who doesn’t, really? Anyways, this restaurant was reviewed by the Washington Post’s food critic who is VERY tough, and he had some great things to say about it. I really enjoyed it myself anyway. Good luck!

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