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Best of wine me, dine me: Julie’s favorite eats (in Cincinnati)

“Best” is such a subjective word. I prefer “favorite.” “Best” is for more objective things, like “Best Runner in the World” (you can, at least, time that!). I’ll be different — other publications do “Best of”– so here is my list of Cincinnati favorites, in no particular order.

Favorite Burger: Terry’s Turf Club

Phone: (513) 533-4222

Neighborhood: Linwood, Ohio

Address: 4618 Eastern Avenue

Favorite Burger in High-End Surroundings: The Cricket Lounge (at the Palace)

Neighborhood: Downtown

Address: 601 Vine Street

Favorite Steak: Jeff Ruby’s Precinct

Phone: (513) 321-5454

Neighborhood: Columbia-Tusculum, Ohio

Address: 311 Delta Avenue

Favorite Place to See and Be Seen: Bootsy’s Produced by Jeff Ruby

Phone: (513) 241-0707

Neighborhood: Downtown

Address: 631 Walnut Street

Favorite Place to Shop for Food: Findlay Market

Phone: (513) 665-4839

Neighborhood: Over the Rhine

Address: 1801 Race Street

Favorite Saturday Lunch: Take the Cake

Phone: (513) 241-2772

Neighborhood: Northside

Address: 4035 Hamilton Avenue

Favorite Coffee Shop: Coffee Emporium

Phone: (513) 651-5483

Neighborhood: Over-the-Rhine

Address: 110 East Central Parkway

Phone: (513) 321-5943

Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Address: 3316 Erie Avenue

Coffee Shop Hall of Fame Inductee: Sitwell’s Coffee House

Phone: (513) 281-7487

Neighborhood: Clifton

Address: 324 Ludlow Avenue

Favorite Barbecue: Pit to Plate BBQ

Phone: (513) 931-9100

Neighborhood: Mt. Healthy

Address: 8021 Hamilton Avenue

Favorite Food Found Near a College Campus: King Wok

Phone: (513) 723-1999

Neighborhood: Clifton

Address: 203 West McMillan Street

Favorite Place to Eat with Your Mom (tie): Bonbonerie (tea), Vito’s Cafe


Phone: (513) 321-3399

Neighborhood: Oakley

Address: 2030 Madison Road

Vito’s Cafe

Phone: (859) 442-9444

Neighborhood: Ft. Thomas

Address: 654 Highland Avenue

Favorite Bread: Shadeau Breads

Phone: (513) 665-9270

Neighborhood: Over the Rhine

Address: 1336 Main Street

Favorite First Date Spot: York Street Cafe

Phone: (859) 261-9675

Neighborhood: Newport

Address: 738 York Street

Favorite Last Date Spot: Graeter’s in Hyde Park (I was broken up with there, once…)

Phone: (513) 321-6221

Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Address: 2704 Erie Avenue

Favorite Morning After Breakfast: Tucker’s Restaurant

Phone: (513) 241-3354

Neighborhood: Over the Rhine

Address: 1637 Vine

Favorite Pizza: Newport Pizza Company’s Barbecue Chicken or Zeus

Phone: (859) 261-4900

Neighborhood: Newport

Address: 601 Monmouth Street

Favorite Unsung Dining Experience: Honey

Phone: (513) 541-4300

Neighborhood: Northside

Address: 4034 Hamilton Avenue

Favorite Cincinnati Institution: The brewing industry’s resurgence: think Christian Moerlein, Little Kings and craft beers made in Cincinnati.

Favorite Bar: Mr. Pitiful’s

Phone: (513) 369-0202

Neighborhood: Over the Rhine

Address: 1323 Main Street

Favorite Place to Buy Wine: Liquor Direct

Phone: (859) 291-2550

Neighborhood: Covington

Address: 670 West Third Street

Favorite Place to Drink Wine: Bouquet

Phone: (859) 491-7777

Neighborhood: Covington

Address: 519 Main Street

Favorite Patio Dining: Quarter Bistro

Phone: (513) 271-5400

Neighborhood: Mariemont

Address: 6904 Wooster Pike

Favorite Place for a Cocktail: Morton’s the Steakhouse

Phone: (513) 621-3111

Neighborhood: Downtown

Address: 441 Vine Street

Favorite Chef That’s Going Places (but please, not far from here): Cristian Pietoso (of Via Vite)

Phone: (513) 721-8483

Neighborhood: Downtown

Address: 520 Vine Street

Favorite Chef That Disappeared: Travis Maier (former owner/chef of Seny)

Favorite Space I’d Like to See Occupied Next Year: The old diner that used to be Vinyl on Sycamore. Anyone? Bueller?

So what are your favorites?

(Note: This originally appeared in Cincy Chic and was written before my agreement with JRCE.  If it seems Ruby-heavy, it’s because I genuinely like his restaurants, not because I am gaining financially.)