Vote for Michelle!

Have you heard about the Murphy-Goode contest? Murphy-Goode, a Sonoma Valley winery, is sponsoring a live-in social media job– $60,000 over six months– where you get to learn all about the winemaking process and tell everyone else about it!

In order to enter, you have to create a video– and Michelle created one with a Wizard of Oz theme, and being the friend (and ham) I am, I played Glinda the Goode Wine Witch (har har). I haven’t seen it, so please feel free to tell me how goofy I am. Anyway, she did a fantastic job, and I (along with others) are trying to drive some votes her way.

So head to and vote for Michelle’s video (right now she’s on the second page if you click on “Most Recent”). You can see more information on her background (and the blooper reel…) at