Review: Tino Vino

Michelle and I really don’t get out enough together.  When I had a Friday afternoon free, we met up at Tino Vino for a couple of glasses of wine, food, and lots of giggling (that’s kind of what we do).

Tino Vino is a winery started by a bunch of girlfriends (who are like us, Michelle says): Lindsey Valentino (Tino Vino, get it?) and her friends Annie McManis, Michelle Banks and Jennifer Fairbanks started Tino Vino to bring their love of wine to other groups of girlfriends.  Their specialty is wine parties:  you come in with your friends and blend our own wine (according to a tested recipe!) and later on you can come back and bottle it, and have your own, customizable wine.  It’s a pretty neat concept– and their wine is good too!

I’ll let Michelle tell you more about the wine– which I enjoyed very much.  I got a muscat, which was fruity, but not too sweet, and a glass of Riesling (I think).  I was comforted, after a lunchless afternoon, to find that they also did appetizers.  Caprese salad, cheese, and other “munchies” are on the menu– we chose bread with a couple of kinds of dipping sauces, and spinach-artichoke dip.  To be honest, this place isn’t about the appetizers– which are all good, but not spectacular– but about the wine, the friendship, and camaraderie.  We had a great time tasting wine, gabbing, and munching.

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