Review: The Echo

It’s no secret that Terry and I can usually be found at Tucker’s on Sunday mornings.  One day, when we had to go to breakfast  early– Tucker’s doesn’t open until 9 or so (I think!)– we pondered where to eat (home was not an option!).  I suggested The Echo,  which Terry, in his two years of living virtually around the corner, had never visited.

The Echo is an upscale greasy spoon.  It has similar food to Tucker’s, with a slightly– okay, very– different look and feel.  The Echo is all white and yellow and summery colors, filled with older people fresh from church, or people wearing big sunglasses, hung over from a party There are some in tennis whites (seriously!) and on their way to the courts, and don’t forget the families with multiple strollers and designer baby bags.  Such is life in the only breakfast place on the Square.

As pretentious as some of the clientele may be, the menu is completely unpretentious.  It’s your basic diner menu, complete with daily specials (their Amish fried chicken sounds great!), and a killer breakfast menu.

I selected Glier’s German Greats– no idea why I was in a German mood that day, but I was.  2 eggs, goetta, potato cakes, baked apples, and I chose raisin toast as my option.  The eggs, soft-scrambled, were appropriately cooked and the potato cakes, which were  silver-dollar size, with a fluffy, mashed-and-grated potato inside and crisp outside, were different than I expected– I expected a traditional potato pancake–but delicious.  I could have used more of the baked apples– mostly because I love baked fruit– but what I had was nicely cooked with cinnamon and sugar, and delicious.  The goetta was crisp (as it should be!), and I’m impressed they had raisin bread– a childhood favorite.


Terry got.. well, it wasn’t on the menu.  Two fried eggs, goetta, grits, and an English muffin.  Again, his goetta was crisp, and everything else was good– what you’d expect from a diner.  No real surprises there.


Echo also does lunch and dinner (I love their chicken salad)– all standard, classic diner-esque fare.  We’ll try it for dinner sometime soon– but the Echo is certainly an option for us for breakfast when we don’t go to Tucker’s (or want some variety).

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