News: Lavomatic no longer open for lunch

Sad news, Lavomatic will no longer be open for lunch– my source says that any lunch they’ve been to there recently has been dead. Sad to hear, there aren’t that many lunch places in OTR that are a little upscale.

Tucker’s for burgers, anyone?

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  • I hate to see hard working, talented people lose the hours, but this actually makes me glad. After hearing about just how appallingly Jean Robert was treated in that “divorce,” I will never patronize any of his former restaurants again (and I had really been looking forward to returning to Lavo). I hope others are boycotting, too.

    • I have sort of mixed feelings about any kind of boycott in this case– I have friends who work at these restaurants, and I really want them to be able to, yanno, pay their bills. However, I choose not to go to these restaurants, if I can help it (recently went to JRo because of a business dinner) simply because they’re just not as good as they used to be. However, I will be giving more of my dining dollars to the Summit– now, if only they did brunch!

  • Maybe if Lavomatic had better service, they would have a better lunch crowd. The food is pretty decent, but the wait staff have their heads in the clouds. Each time I go there, it takes nearly 1 1/2 hours to eat lunch. I realize that this is not McDonalds or Skyline, but that doesn’t mean waiting 25 minutes for a check is reasonable. Relish really needs to get their staff on the right track. I stopped frequenting Grammers because one of the bartenders is completely rude and a jerk. I know all the staff of Relish Group is not bad, but come on and get rid of these bad apples!

  • i have driven by dozens of times and it’s never been open…what’s the point if you’re only going to be open for three hours a day?

  • This makes me sad. I hated the split from Jean Robert because he’s amazing but I know people who work there and the restaurant has been busy at night. I want to see it continue to be open with great food and prices! I hope it will make it.

  • I feel like Relish is full of bad aura. Jean Robert was definitely the only good part of the partnership, and the Wades just seem to bring everything and everyone down. The Bistro staff are incredibly stuck up, Lavomatic has fantastic food but the “experience” leaves much to be desired, Grammers is full of a bunch of underage hipsters and talk about rude employees… Bring back Jean Robert!

  • I’m not all too surprised. I wrote a review of the restaurant on UrbanSpoon and was rather underwhelmed. I understand that it is this French-inspired or French-fusion restaurant, but if you offer small portions and charge high prices for fare that really isn’t all that delicious, then people will dine elsewhere. I tried several items on their menu various times to see if I just had one bad experience, but I was being offered small portions time and time again that commanded high prices. I was expecting more.

    Their service was okay, and was slow at times. I haven’t been in OTR all that long but I really yearn for a neighborhood restaurant where I can go in, feel comfortable, and dine at modest, reasonable prices and at least feel satisfied (e.g. not overly stuffed or starving). Lavomatic just was not the place for me, and they should try to lower their price points to match current economic realities.

    I haven’t been here enough to know of the Wade-Jean Robert relationship, but I’ve heard enough to know that there is a strong dislike for Wade.
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    • It was much better when it opened– but it has gone quite a bit downhill. I, too, live in OTR and wish we had more restaurants that I can just walk to. Right now, it’s Tucker’s, Courtyard Cafe, Iris BookCafe, Coffee Emporium, Nicola’s, and Lavomatic.

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