Mini-Update: Newport Pizza Company

On Veggie Option’s recommendation (well, Mr. Veggie Option’s), I tried the BBQ Chicken Pizza onIMG_0252 Saturday night.

Wow– pretty good stuff. I had had Italianette BBQ Chicken Pizza earlier that day (the original location on Plainfield, not the cheap imitation on Erie) and I am having a hard time picking out which was better. Italianette’s has a fluffy, crispy crust, and both cheddar and mozzarella. Newport Pizza Company’s crust was thin, a little chewy, and crispy, with lots of onions. The winner, though both were good, was probably Newport Pizza’s (by a nose).

Terry picked up a Steak Hoagie with mushrooms– also really good, with a rich mushroom sauce and buttery, crusty bread.

So, it’s a total winner– good value, good hoagies (for those who don’t like pizza, you heathens) and good location. Don’t forget their beer selection It’s stellar– I got a Bell’s Oberon, and there were a variety of other craft-type beers for good prices (between $2-5).

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5 thoughts on “Mini-Update: Newport Pizza Company”

  • I love the Italianette on Plainfield. At one point, we were getting carry out from there at least once a week. I need to try the Newport Pizza Company soon! I think I eat pizza way too much!

  • Undine & I went last night after her dance class. It was a really nice space that felt comfortable. We had a tough time deciding on which specialty pizza to try (we wound up going with the BBQ Chicken like you did.) It was really good; Undine loved it, I found the crust just a tad chewy for my tastes, but that’s just me. I had a caprese salad as well, which was yummy. It smelled so good, it was driving Undine crazy that I was talking with her and not eating it! She thinks the fresh basil came out of the herb pots on the windowsill. We’re looking forward to going back!

    p.s. The only lackluster thing we noticed was the young kid who waited on us. It was almost as if he was troubled to walk from behind the bar to our table with a menu. When I mentioned this was our first time and did they halve their specialty pizzas he just said no. As a former business owner, when you know someone is new to your establishment, you take that extra moment to impress. If we’re impressed, we come back. We recommend to our friends. Halfway through our meal, an older man (we assummed the owner) returned, checked in our how our meal was. All this wasn’t a deal breaker, but c’mon. Customers shouldn’t be a struggle — it is why you are there!

    p.p.s. I found it odd as well that they didn’t encourage beer/wine sales more. I’m sure that liquor license didn’t come cheap!

  • Undine & I went again last night. The place was packed full! (Even the tables out front.) This was around 8:30pm or so.

    Despite being very busy, the waitress was much better than the dude last week. Much better. When she took out drink orders, she inquired if we wanted soda, beer or wine (and improvement over last week.) Obviously, she was very busy, but she was efficient.

    We ordered salads. Undine’s Caesar salad was much larger than she was expecting. My side salad was deliciously fresh.

    We ordered the Buffalo Chicken pizza and it was simply one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. It looked beautiful, it smelled wonderful and it tasted oh-so-delish.

    We are looking forward to going back yet again!

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