Mini-Update: Newport Pizza Company

On Veggie Option’s recommendation (well, Mr. Veggie Option’s), I tried the BBQ Chicken Pizza onIMG_0252 Saturday night.

Wow– pretty good stuff. I had had Italianette BBQ Chicken Pizza earlier that day (the original location on Plainfield, not the cheap imitation on Erie) and I am having a hard time picking out which was better. Italianette’s has a fluffy, crispy crust, and both cheddar and mozzarella. Newport Pizza Company’s crust was thin, a little chewy, and crispy, with lots of onions. The winner, though both were good, was probably Newport Pizza’s (by a nose).

Terry picked up a Steak Hoagie with mushrooms– also really good, with a rich mushroom sauce and buttery, crusty bread.

So, it’s a total winner– good value, good hoagies (for those who don’t like pizza, you heathens) and good location. Don’t forget their beer selection It’s stellar– I got a Bell’s Oberon, and there were a variety of other craft-type beers for good prices (between $2-5).

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