Market Wines’ Summer Sips

Did you know Findlay Market will be open until 6:30 on Tuesdays?  To celebrate this change, Market Wines is doing a wine tasting from 3:30-6:30 on Tuesday evenings, starting July 7.  For this tasting, they’ll be partnering with Madisono’s Gelatos.

The tasting includes

  • St. Germaine elderflower liquor with pink grapefruit sorbet;
  • a sparkling wine with lemon-basil sorbet
  • Framboise Lambic (a raspberry flavored belgian ale) with chocolate gelato.

I can’t wait– I love elderflower and I love framboise lambic.

Cost for the tasting is $5 per person.  Call 513-744-9888 to make a reservation; limit of 45 (down to 43, as I just got on the list!)

3 thoughts on “Market Wines’ Summer Sips”

  • I love St. Germain elderflower liquor! Here’s a great recipe, but be careful because it’s super strong and you don’t realize it until you’ve finished 2 glasses!

    1 part St. Germain
    1 part Vodka
    3-4 parts White wine (you can eye ball this part – just fill up the rest of the glass with wine)

    Serve in a wine glass with lemon twist for the garnish


  • Thanks for posting this! My friend Jess & I went last time and had a great time. The pairings were lovely and I’ve found a new place to do wine tasting with my mom & aunt. I also discovered they carry Hacker Pshorr beer which I fell in love with last year in Chicago and never can find it in Cincy…

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