Bootsy’s to give away $2 million

Not joking here– I heard about this last week and I was excited to write about it. See? I can keep secrets!

Here’s the scoop:

Tomorrow, Jeff Ruby and Bootsy Collins will announce a dining card giveaway. Eat at Bootsy’s, get dining cards worth varying amounts (depending on your purchase). The cards will be given away at Bootsy’s and other Ruby’s restaurants. Spend money, get money– you win and downtown wins!

If you go to Bootsy’s at lunch Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.  and spend at least $15, you’ll receive a $25 certificate to any Jeff Ruby restaurant.

Spend $25 during dinner, 5-10 p.m.  Monday-Thursday or 5-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and get a $50 certificate to any Jeff Ruby restaurant.

On certain dates, that $50 becomes a $100 gift card.

15 thoughts on “Bootsy’s to give away $2 million”

  • Just got back from a week in Mexico. The food was fab! So come on Cincy- Top the great resort food that was at a 5 star+ resort! Bring it on! And this wasn’t you typical resort buffet food either- crab claws for LUNCH!

    • I’m thinking that a resort in a country where the cost of living is low and near the ocean isn’t quite a fair comparison to a landlocked city with a higher cost of living. Then again, all-you-can-eat crab isn’t a huge selling point for me. 🙂

  • Don’t get the Mexico comment bragging or a worker at one of the give awys? I am with Tom must be a reason to give it away

    • It’s to drive folks downtown in the summer months– that block near 6th and Walnut, with Bootsy’s, CAC, Nicholson’s, Jeff Ruby’s, Cadillac Ranch, Nada– is really growing and vibrant.

  • Bootsy’s is an overpriced, plastic establishment with terrible service.
    No wonder they are giving things away.
    Hopefully, the certificates entitle you to a meal at something other than a Jeff Ruby’s rip off.

  • Whatever happend to the Manager who ran Tropicana? The bald guy new how to run a restaurant club Tropicana was never the same and Bootsys will never be as good without him. That guy new customer service, Bootsys is simply trying to be another Tropicana only scaled down, just not the same vibe.

    • that bald guys name is michael gaines and he was the best general manager i have ever seen at a restaurant. tropicana was never the same after he left, and jeff ruby was a fool to let that guy slip away.

  • Yeah who runs Bootsys now that dude with the pom pom’s for hair? Tropicana blew Bootsys away giving the Ranch away to create business? I hope Ruby has the Brains to make sure people have to use the gift certificates at Bootsys or they will never return.

  • His name was Michael Gaines, Marylin he was the best have no idea where he is. Tropicana was a much better concept.

      • he quit tropicana a few years ago when Ruby offered him an assistant GM position at another ruby resturant, but he didnt want to feel like he was being demoted. so he was given a choice to either accept the assistant GM position or quit, so he quit. for a while he was GM at Arnie’s in Newport, and then after that he became manager of Game Works and i havent seen or talked to him since then

  • Last time I saw Michael Gaines he was GM at Jax’s / Game Works in Newport on the Levee. I belive he still is. Prior to Tropicana he was a manager at Carlo and Johnny, where he also did a fantastic job. Speaking of Jeff Ruby’s former manager, does anyone know where David Wilson (aka Sanchez) ended up? I thought he was at Red for awhile…

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