Big wine me, dine me news

I am thrilled to announce my partnership with and the Cincinnati Enquirer as one of the first members of their blogging network. approached me a month or so ago, wanting to expand their coverage and impact in the community.  The conversation really impressed me– the folks over at the Enquirer really get blogging, social media, and what I’m trying to do.  It was easy to say yes!  I (along with Michelle— we’re not always a package deal, I swear) will be featured on the Living, Blog and Food pages– and there’s more in store (that hasn’t been finalized yet).  It’s such a great opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Don’t worry, things about here won’t change– much. Things that will change:

  • My sidebar has a new widget (on the right).  Those of you who read via RSS won’t notice anything.
  • The URL– it’s still the same, and still hosted by yours truly.  I am not hosted on servers.
  • A whole bunch of new eyeballs will see wmdm– hi, everyone!  Welcome!

Things that won’t change:

  • Quality vs. Quantity– I will continue to provide you the same quality of reviews, information, and  writing you’ve come to expect here at wmdm.  I’m not here to have the most reviews, but to share thoughtful, timely, and interesting reviews and stories about food (in Cincinnati and beyond)– just like always.  I have no posting minimums or anything silly like that.
  • Editorial control– it’s still mine, and no one is paying me to review particular restaurants.
  • Comment policy– still open comments, but I do reserve the right to remove abusive or libelous comments (or sic my attack kitties on ’em!).
  • Disclosure policy– if I receive a meal free, have a relationship with the chef, owner, or staff, or anything similar, I will always clearly mention it up front in any review.  Any of those situations generally lead to an atypical dining experience, so it’s only fair for me to tell you.

Thank you so much for reading for 1.5 years now– it is so much fun to grow and see where this little old blog will take me!