An Old Friend: The Peanut-Banana Smoothie

(Guest post by The Boyfriend)

Julie and I have been on a smoothie kick lately.

Virtually every summer, I rediscover at least one favorite recipe.  It’s usually an old reliable standby that, for any number of reasons, dropped off the radar for a few years.  Last year, it was bourbon slushes (Hmm…I need to make a batch of those.  It’s supposed to be really hot this week…)

This summer, it’s the peanut-banana smoothie.

Between Julie’s kitchen and mine, we own at least one of most of the kitchen appliances and gadgets ever invented, including several duplicates…toasters, food processors, KitchenAid mixers.   Oddly enough, however, we have been a blender-less couple.  On a recent trip to Costco, we decided to splurge on a new blender.  (I think this means that we are now officially going steady.)


I actually had this smoothie in mind when we bought the blender.   It’s a recipe that I clipped out of Bon Appetit about twenty years ago.  In those days, it seemed that every recipe that I wanted to try from BA called for some exotic, hard-to-find ingredient.  This one caught my eye because it sounded delicious and because I had most of the ingredients on hand.

It’s the perfect solution for what to do with those almost-too-ripe bananas (assuming one doesn’t have time to make banana bread).


When bananas are really ripe, slice two of them into a baggie or freezer container, and toss them in the freezer.  (The bananas keep beautifully in the freezer for two weeks or longer.)   To make the smoothie, pour two cups of milk (whole or skim) Ed. note: we never have whole milk in our apartments. into the blender, along with the bananas, five packets of Splenda or other artificial sweetener (or a quarter-cup of sugar), a third of a cup of peanut butter Ed. Note: since these photographs were taken, I’ve convinced him that peanut butter need not be anything more than peanuts and salt; Kroger’s brand of natural peanut butter is pretty great, and a splash of vanilla or banana extract. Blend until smooth.



This is one of those great recipes that can easily be adjusted to one’s own tastes.   It’s also no trouble to cut the recipe in half.  Since the bananas are already frozen, there’s no need for ice.   Although it’s not a particularly low-cal concoction, it’s very filling and will stay with you for most of the morning. Ed note:  It’s approximately 350 calories for half of the recipe, according to Sparkpeople.  Not bad, considering I’m full of smoothie until past noon, causing me to eat less during the day.


We’ve been experimenting with other smoothies as well because they are the perfect on-the-go breakfast.

Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes to share?

15 thoughts on “An Old Friend: The Peanut-Banana Smoothie”

  • We’ve been fans of “lassi” type smoothies lately – mango & yogurt. Sometimes we toss in frozen or fresh raspberries. Gonna try adding a smidge of ginger next time. (FYI – I don’t do smoothies, but the kid LOVES this one)

    Our fave PB is Krema 🙂

  • watch out for the partially hydrogenated soybean oil that may or may not be in the kroger PB… kroger’s sneaky like that 😉 it’s like eating plastic

  • Yum! I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches so this sounds great. Now, the thing with the frozen bananas. That’s how you can make “raw ice cream”. Frozen bananas and other [frozen] fruit, chocolate or whatever flavor you like and enough milk to blend into an ice cream consistency.

    Now, I want to know more about this Bourbon slushies….

  • Chris– the kroger PB in the picture has partially hydrogenated oils. The stuff I switched Terry to is just peanuts and salt. I really am not comfortable with all of the plastic-y oils and high fructose corn syrup. Terry doesn’t really care, but if I take out the cheap stuff and put the stuff that won’t kill us in the cart…. 🙂

    Christina– yum! And Bourbon slushes are delish– click the slush link for a recipe!

  • Christina,

    I’ve made this smoothie for unsuspecting friends. They all thought it was a peanut butter/banana milkshake. It’s THAT rich and filling. And I suppose that’s exactly what it is…”raw ice cream.”

    The bourbon slushes are a terrific summertime drink. Light. Refreshing. Once they’re in the freezer and completely frozen, it’s about one minute from freezer to glass. Just click on the link in the peanut-banana smoothie post…it’ll take you to the original bourbon slush recipe.
    .-= The Boyfriend´s last blog ..An Old Friend: The Peanut-Banana Smoothie =-.

  • i have that same recipe! and i *heart* them. when i asked smoothie king to make me a peanut butter and banana smoothie, they looked at me funny and said, “that’s all you want in it?”. i assumed they knew to put milk. they did not.
    .-= k´s last blog worthy of the gods =-.

  • “the stuff that won’t kill us in the cart…. :)”

    HA! I love it, and so true!

    keep of the good blogging julie.

  • More ideas after re-reading post. You can use Raw Agave nectar instead of sugar or the fake stuff. I bought some SO brand coconut milk in the organic section at Kroger (half gallon with the soy milk) that would be great in this! It doesn’t have a strong coconut flavor but is better for you. You could also try almond milk or soy milk. AND, get yourself some decent PB! Stay away from the hydrogenated oils Julie! You can have your food and have it love you too.
    .-= Christina Baita´s last blog ..Healthy French Baguette =-.

  • Add some dark rum to that smoothie and it would make a nice cocktail. I would suggest Coruba from Jamaica or perhaps a nice demerara rum from Guyana such as El Dorado.

  • thanks for the recipe… i am going to try this!

    here is how i make my smoothies:
    handful of frozen strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bananas, etc.
    one individual container of yogurt (vanilla or any fruity flavor)
    1-2 cups of orange juice
    big squeeze of honey
    blend… makes 1 serving

    i also make a version with just frozen raspberries and use lemon yogurt. it’s tart and sweet.

    the secret is freezing the fruit. i wash and cut, then place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, then place in freezer. don’t add ice to the blender… makes it watery.

  • This is a little bit more off base from the current discussion of fruit and yogurt, however, have you ever heard of the Green Smoothie Challenge(.com)?

    It’s based on a raw food theory put together by an Australian couple and uses greens in each smoothie. The basis is that is cures different conditions (Diabetes Type II) based on hormone correction, gives you more energy and helps you to lose weight!

    The reason I bring it up is not only for the health benefits and the conversation of smoothies but also day 1. It consists of two cups of water, 4 bananas, 1 apple and half a head of Romaine lettuce. NOTE: If you put too much lettuce in, it will be really thick so start with less and add to it. I add cinnamon (added benefit is that it helps body metabolize sugar) and it tastes like I am drinking banana bread or some sweet desert. Don’t worry about the color (it will be green) because once you taste it, you’ll love it!

    I do wonder what it would taste like with some organic PB? Anyone tried it??

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