Taste Overview

You know, I wasn’t into Taste this year– I’m super busy, between work and theater (same with Terry) and just wasn’t feeling it. Fortunately, The Chocolate Horse and 5chw4r7z dragged me out and I had a good time.

Things I noticed: more corporate sponsorship, but fewer national chains. I consider this a major win for Cincinnati– after all (and I’ve said this before), it’s Taste of Cincinnati, not Taste of National Chains with Locations in Cincinnati. I noticed Max and Erma’s, Buffalo Southwest, and PF Chang’s, but that was about it.

Pit to Plate Ribs– I know liz didn’t like them, but the batch I got were falling-apart moist and covered in sauce. Far superior to their pulled pork, for sure.

Mythos gyros: Always good, but noticed Taz was right next door. I would have preferred Taz’s, but Mythos are consistently good (even if they accidentally gave me chicken).

Rusty Bucket: Bucket Bites. I just sort of love them. Regional chain.

Come to think of it– we didn’t really eat much at all. I know, utterly disappointing. There’s always next year (and maybe next year we won’t be so over committed and will be more enthusiastic!).

(For pictures, check out 5chw4r7z!)

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