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Jean-Robert de Cavel to be Chef in Residence at MCI

Ah, yes, there were two rumors going around (on Twitter predominantly):

A partnership with MCI

A restaurant in Northside.

Looks like the rumor mill is pretty accurate– well, halfway, anyway. Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel will be the Chef in Residence at the Midwest Culinary Institute. What does that mean?

It means that MCI has the best ambassador it could ever want. He won’t be involved in day-to-day operations of either the Summit Restaurant or MCI, but will provide the following (according to the press release):

* Serving as a “Culinary Ambassador, not just for MCI, but the entire region.
* Interacting with MCI students in the kitchen, classroom, and in informal settings.
* Participating in special events and dining programs at Cincinnati State.
* Hosting and participating in community and philanthropic events.
* Promoting the professional development of chefs and culinary staff in the region.
* Helping MCI’s exceptional students develop apprenticeships and, upon graduation, job placements in restaurants around the globe.

Congratulations, MCI and Chef de Cavel– I see really great things coming from this partnership.