Cooking with Caitlin: Coming to Fountain Square (or a TV near you).

Cooking with Caitlin, the website with the perky, yet classically-trained young female chef (named Caitlin, of course!) is moving… to TV! How cool is that? Fountain Square will be taken over at noon tomorrow for the filming of the first episode of Cooking with Caitlin, which will be available on Time Warner On Demand and YouTube. The featured guest will be The Rusty Griswolds.

So what do you have to do to participate? Show up! Caitlin wants a big crowd for her debut, so grab a bite of lunch and bring it down to the Square (show up early to get a seat) and watch a woman who is going places.

Here’s a video of Caitlin, doing her thing:

I wish I could go– but I’ll be on the other side of 275.  Never fear, however– wine me, dine me will be there in spirit (and as one of the Media Sponsors).  Will somebody get a pic of my logo up on the big screen? 🙂

The show will go on every week during the summer– and who knows where it’ll go from there!  While you’re waiting, check out Caitlin’s recipes (they’re really good) or read about this woman-owned company that’s kicking the boys’ rear ends.