Review: Kenning’s Circle K

Terry and I headed over to the West Side– deep West Side– for dinner with my parents at Kenning’s Circle K.  I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to do with this review, because honestly?  The food is mediocre at best.  It really caters to an older crowd– the chef is the old chef from Habigs (a West Side institution that catered to the blue-haired crowd until they closed in the late 90s), which should tell you something– so it wasn’t up to either Terry’s or my tastes.  My mom, however, likes it.  And sometimes, you just have to defer to your mother.


Their hot slaw?  Freaking phenomenal.

Hot slaw is a very German dish– I ate a version of it while in Munich this past winter.  It’s also a very Southern dish– google “hot slaw” and most of the recipes are Southern.  It’s just cabbage, a dressing made of bacon grease, vinegar, celery seed and sugar topped with bacon bits.  Some people say it sounds sort of like Southern pepper hash, which is basically the same thing, plus green peppers (yick).


And actually, this mix of Southern and German is my childhood cuisine– though Grandma spoke German only until she was about 4 and lived in OTR in various parts of her life, she grew up partially in Owenton, KY, which is firmly Southern.  No wonder my food tastes are so schizophrenic.

I hear they have good ribs, which I will try this summer.  In the meantime, unless your mother takes you or if you have the craving for hot slaw, drive by.

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