Review: Big Bubba Buck’s Belly Bustin’ BBQ Bliss, Munfordville KY

Don’t you LOVE that name?

I mean, really. Alliteration is always amusing. I discovered this little barbecue place as we were driving. I pointed wildly: “Look! A barbecue place!” There was a gigantic highway sign (the ones usually reserved for Motel 5 and Shoney’s) along I-64 on the way to Nashville. We hadn’t stopped for lunch yet, so we followed the signs to BBBBBBB (for short).

I think the best description of this place can be found in my Twitter stream:

At bubba’s BBQ somewhere in Kentucky. Looks like you could dump a body here. That means good BBQ!

Fox news, patriotic décor, lots of closed circuit cameras. Yum!

@getinmahbelly I’m pretty sure there were more guns in those pickups than at your average gun show.

@5chw4r7z the owner asked if we wanted a photo of the cardboard man (who fell down). We declined.



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