Review: Big Bubba Buck’s Belly Bustin’ BBQ Bliss, Munfordville KY

Don’t you LOVE that name?

I mean, really. Alliteration is always amusing. I discovered this little barbecue place as we were driving. I pointed wildly: “Look! A barbecue place!” There was a gigantic highway sign (the ones usually reserved for Motel 5 and Shoney’s) along I-64 on the way to Nashville. We hadn’t stopped for lunch yet, so we followed the signs to BBBBBBB (for short).

I think the best description of this place can be found in my Twitter stream:

At bubba’s BBQ somewhere in Kentucky. Looks like you could dump a body here. That means good BBQ!

Fox news, patriotic décor, lots of closed circuit cameras. Yum!

@getinmahbelly I’m pretty sure there were more guns in those pickups than at your average gun show.

@5chw4r7z the owner asked if we wanted a photo of the cardboard man (who fell down). We declined.



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  • Its challenging to include twitter in a blog post, but this is what people are not getting about twitter.
    Sure, there’s too much what I had for lunch, but it all comes into focus when people outside your physical area share and are engaged in your experience.
    people who don’t understand are focused on the wrong message that twitter is delivering.

  • You list the location off of I-64, but I’m pretty sure you mean I-65. I-65 runs from Louisville past Munfordville towards Nashville. I-64 runs east from Louisville to Lexington.

  • You would think, after driving it for umpteen hours, that I’d get that right. Thanks, Alabama ExPat. By the way, have you met the other Alabama Ex-pats around here– The Boyfriend (Terry) and Terry Lee (from Outside in OTR)?

  • I just ate at “Bubba’s” this past Wednesday on my way from Nashville to Louisville. It was recommended to me by a truck driver friend of mine. I am somewhat of a BBQ connoisseur, perhaps (I’ve eaten alot of BBQ in my day), and since I’ve been to BBQ Fest twice I guess I figure I’m able to critique it well!

    I was not impressed. The BBQ was wet and slimey, and sort of mushy. It was so wet that my bun fell apart. That should not happen. It was actually pretty gross. I wish I would have tried the special or the ribs. I met “Bubba”, or who I assume to be Bubba, and he looks like he knows what he’s doing. But again, it was pretty terrible food. The French fries on my plate looked like they came from the very bottom of the bag, all the itty bitty crunchy and broken pieces…

    There are alot better places an hour to two hours South on I-65. I personally recommend Center Point in Hendersonville, TN, and Fossie’s in Dickson, TN, but you have to take 40 west to get to Dickson.


  • My wife and I had the BBQ Pork Meal – sandwich, 2 sides, drinks and choice of dessert for under $20.00. We liked the flavor of the BBQ sandwich which was served sauced. The BBQ beans and fried green tomotoes and the fried tators were all very good. We were not hungry when we left. You have a choice of mild and hot sauce. they told me to taste the hot sauce before you put it on your sandwich, this was good advice. both sauces have the same great flavor sweet with the taste of vinagar which we both enjoyed. All items were fresh. The cobler was also very good.
    The service was fast, good and friendly and the place was clean. Other costomers had come from as far as Ohio having eaten here before. I also had a pork rib and it was cooker perfectly. As a KCBS and Memphis Style BBQ judge and a BBQ competitor my self We liked it. We will go back again!!!

  • found this place while driving north on 31W when were supposed to be going south. As a land surveyor, eating on the road is a big plus, we get all the country stores for great sandwiches and local favorites. This place is out of a movie…alot of truckers (as in three out of eight patrons). The guy with me is a bottomless pit when eating and he left full.

    I barbeque with a big smoker and spend a lot of time and money doing it..everytime I eat at B7 I wonder why I even try; their food puts mine to shame. Their food is so flavorful and not over seasoned. I always get the ribs and shoulder (big thick slice) and love ALL of their sides. We have driven the 32 miles from Bowling Green just to eat there.

    The people running the place are full of life and character with constant banter on the CB calling in “All drivers” Don’t worry about the truckers being the dominate crowd; never more than a few and ALWAYS in a good mood.

    This is one of my favorite places to eat.

  • hello, i used to work at big bubba bucks back in 2005! i loooved the job and the food! im from RI and i was living in KY for a few yrs and bubba hired me lol i used to talk on the CB to all the truckers drivin on 65 to come for some bbq. we dont have ANY bbq around here that comes close to being as good as his 🙂 <3 ya and miss ya bubba bucks bbq…btw they used to sell some really cool shirts with the logo "tastes so good, itll make ya wanna smack ur momma" lmao

  • Wow, if only what I ate today looked like this! The sweet potato fries were nasty, dark and maybe a total of 7 were served! The pork was moist and the BBQ sauce was like water! We went bcuz of the reviews in Urbanspoon. Must have been a BAAAAAAD day at Bubba Bucks! And the cashier was nasty! She was complaining that CUSTOMERS asked how long the wait was!

  • I love this place!  It’s has character inside and out and the best bbq in the nation!  My favorite is the fried green tomatoes……absolutely the very best!  My husband is a truck driver, and we have traveled throughout the United States and the 4 western provinces of Canada….I would stand Big Bubba’s up against any BBQ, anywhere!

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