Some minor wmdm updates

First, I got a very nice email from the artist, Kelly Kruthaupt, who was filming at Tucker’s when I was there:

I’m the photgrapher that you mention in the Tucker’s review. My work will be part of The Art of Food show at the Carnegie Art Center in Covington tomorrow at 6pm. It will be a fun filled affair you may want to attend.

I’m so glad they’re doing this show again! I remember last year’s Mona Lisa made out of toast.

Shortly after, I got an email from Jean-Francois over at Taste of Belgium, where I got more details: Art of Food runs from March 6-20 (which means I can go– yay!) with an opening tomorrow night. It’s at the Carnegie in Covington, and I highly suggest you go. Tickets are $25 and you might want to make a reservation– call 859.957.1940. The exhibition itself is free (the fun party is what you’re paying for– and I’m sorry I’m missing it).

Also, I’ll be heading to The Redmoor tonight. You haven’t heard about the Redmoor? It’s in the old Mt. Lookout Theater, and is a jazz club that serves dinner. My good buddy Ron is going to be my date for a night of food, drinks, and jazz. I can’t wait– and I’ll report back.

Also, just FYI, Findlay Market is open year-round; it’s not just seasonal. All of the shops are open, and they really miss you (I know, they tell me how much they miss the big crowds they get when the farmer’s market is open). And, I swear, it’s safe. Really. Go and remind yourself of what a treasure Findley Market is.