Slashfood’s Top Sandwiches

Katz's-- pastramiOooh, lookie. Slashfood polled its readers for their favorite sandwiches… and guess what’s #42?

42. Coney Dog with cheese and onions at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, OH

And soon after?

46. Pastrami on Rye at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York, NY (four votes)

Seriously, though, I think Katz’s rates far higher than Skyline, but was glad to see the hometown represented. I really need to get to Primanti Brothers (I’ve been to Pittsburgh, but somehow missed Primanti!) and I want to try the Pork Buns at Momofuku Ssam really badly. What’s your favorite sandwich (in Cincinnati or out, homemade or restaurant!)?

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  • I’ve taken numerous folks to Izzy’s from Chicago and New York, and they rave about the corned beef. Personally, I am suspicious of things from New York.

    Favorite sandwich: the muffaletta, which I have yet to find a good one in Cincinnati–I have to build it from the ground up. Cincinnati is a great place to get meats, but you can’t find muffaletta bread.

    My favorite place to get them is Pronia’s Market and Deli in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I get one about once a year. Come to think of it, I haven’t had one since 2007…

    Perhaps I need to see my mom.

  • I had the cheesesteak at Primanti Brothers (#1 on the list) about three years ago. I was totally unimpressed. They put the sides ON the sandwich, including coleslaw and french fries. I felt as if I were consuming an edible gimmick more than an actual sandwich. I know that Pittsburghers (Is that a word?) love the place, probably because it’s a local institution, and that’s fine…all cities have local institutions. But I don’t see it as #1 on the list.

    As one commenter said on the original Slashfood post, there are much better places (scores of them, in fact) to get cheesesteaks in Philadelphia than at Pat’s or Geno’s in South Philly. Philadelphians, as the commenter said, tend to go there for drunk food. The which-do-you-prefer-Pat’s-or-Geno’s debate is one that has been around for a long time. But again, it’s a case of reputation outranking the food. Dalessandro’s and Chubby’s (both in Roxborough) were always my favorites.

    I love a good muffaletta. The best I’ve ever had was not at Napoleon House (#15 on the list), but at Central Grocery.

    Even the mention of the pastrami from Katz’s deli in New York (#46 on the list, and the subject of Julie’s photo on the original post) makes my heart skip a beat. If there is better pastrami to be had anywhere, I’d like to taste it.

  • I can’t compare to Katz’s but the last couple of times we have been in New York we have eaten at the Carnegie Deli. That pastrami is to die for.

  • Scully’s On The Skywalk (RIP) used to have a variant on the Reuben called The Blue Chip. It was pastrami on thick cut dark rye topped with coleslaw & thousand island dressing. It was the best damn sandwich in town. I still make that sandwich at home when I get good pastrami at Avril’s.

  • Hummm,
    Fave, tough, as I have many faves. The one I make for lunch out of Blue Oven bread, Hellman’s mayo, Krause’s Leerdammer Dutch Swiss , Caliente sausage and home made pickles is a fave. Come to think of it I’ll eat anything on good bread slathered in Hellman’s.

    Odd timing on this sandwich thing Julie, Bourdian popped up on buzzfeet this morning, it appears that his Ruhlman guest blog of a couple of years ago we all howled about here on WMDM has gotten legs again. One of the other posts was about a sandwich I would like to try, I saw it on Bourdains show a few weeks ago.

    URL too long? try this

  • Hey Vudutu, I know some of the other ingrediants, but can you tell us about the Blue Oven bread? Where do you get it??

  • I just had the Cheesesteak at Primanti Bros. about a week ago. It is excellent and filling. Only in Pittsburgh will you find the french fries on the sandwich, as well as a tasty pile of cole slaw. I enjoyed it and will go back when I’m back in The Burgh, which is occasionally.

    Warning: This is NOT the cheese steak that you might find in Philly.

  • One of my favorite sandwiches is the “Mother Mohawk” at the Mohawk Bar in Columbus, Ohio. It is a grilled roast beef, provalone, and chicken salad on rye. It may sound off but it is really good.

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