Review: Legal Seafoods, Boston MA

I love to travel. I’m really looking forward to some opportunities to travel more (upcoming trips: Orlando, possibly Pittsburgh or Nashville, Chicago, Miami…) and finding new places to eat. When I told Michelle that I was heading to Boston, she immediately told me, “LEGAL SEAFOODS.  You have to go to Legal Seafoods!”

I ran this past Terry: “Oh, I think it’s a chain. There were some in Virginia.  It’s pretty good, try it out!”

I thought perhaps I’d go there on Tuesday night, but as you saw, I ended up at Limoncello.  I flew on US Airways, and noticed a Legal Seafoods bar in the terminal as I deplaned: if all else failed, I could try it at the airport.  I carpooled to the airport with some coworkers who were also flying out that day, and they all rooted for me to make it to Legal Seafoods (as they went there for dinner the night before).

My wish was fufilled!

IMG_0127I wanted a lobster roll, but, being that the market price was $22, I settled for a Seafood Trio roll: shrimp, lobster, and crab, with fries, and a starter of chowder.  Mmm, chowder. Creamy, rich, New England chowder, with chunks of seafood.  A delicious start; I could feel my arteries hardening as I ate.

Then came the seafood roll:  margarine-toasted bread, filled with the various seafood tossed with celery salt and mayo, on top of lettuce.  It’s incredibly simple, but incredibly delicious.  You know that I’m a real believer in quality ingredients, prepared simply, being the best dish around.  This was no exception.  In fact, my order inspired the lovely Irish man next to me to not only order one, but strike up a conversation.  This is why I like travel: you meet different people, and learn about not only other people, but yourself.  We talked for a good hour about politics, the economy, religion– all that stuff you’re not supposed to talk about, and though we grew up on two different continents, in two different generations, we had more in common than I’m sure either of us thought.  It was probably the most pleasant airport experience I’ve ever had.  We wished each other all the luck in the world, had a toast (sangria for me, Sam Adams for him), and went off to our separate continents, knowing we’d never meet again, but feeling like we would have missed something if we hadn’t.IMG_0129

How cool is that?

OK, so it’s a chain, but this runs under the “if you have to eat in an airport, at least find a regional chain” rule I try to obey.  And don’t be afraid to talk to the person next to you at a bar– we could all destress a bit when travelling by just being nice, for a few minutes, and do as the Irish do: drink a pint, talk to your neighbor, and let the hours pass you by.Legal Sea Foods on Urbanspoon