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more wmdm updates.

Wow. It’s been busy around here, hasn’t it?

Bockfest! We met up with Lt. Dan of barbecue fame and his wife Sheilah and watched the parade (I think I shall run for Sausage Queen next year, what do you think?) and drank Bock beer before Terry and I went to the theater for a performance of Hamlet. Speaking of…

Hamlet closed this weekend– always sorry to see a show go, but I’m happy to have a little more free time. We sold out the last night– a first for Shakespeare at Falcon.

The Cinciditarod, with the other Champagne Tuesday girls, was a BLAST. We got some press coverage (sorry, NBC, but we did indeed finish the race!) but we got really, really lost in Mt. Adams. Really lost. I have pushed a grocery cart more places than I ought to have pushed it (and ran behind it at breakneck speed!). It was all for a good cause (the FreestoreFoodbank) and I can’t find any pictures where we’re not smiling!

Good news? Restaurant week is next week (though I’m not sure how much I’ll participate in it), Five Guys is coming to Clifton (see, I told you so!) and I’m working on some great new posts, the first of which is scheduled for tomorrow!