Cincinnati Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week has started– and, to be honest? I’m barely even tempted to go. Last year, we had such mediocre experiences– and we frequent a lot of the GCI restaurants, and do NOT have mediocre experiences– that if we go, it will be merely coincidental. I think it’s a great idea, but restaurants need to put their best face forward– and have more than one choice!

Where are you heading for Restaurant Week?  If you have a great experience (or a not-so-great one), comment here.

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  • Sadly, I have had similar experiences to you during RW. Even my very favorite restaurants in Chicago (Coco Pazzo, for example) present mediocre food, rather than giving diners their best product. How are you supposed to drum up more business when you leave the restaurant going, “Eh, I’ve had better.” Maybe Cincy’s different than Chicago, but I doubt it!

  • i’m doing daveed’s this year. 2 years ago i went to brown dog and it was absolutely excellent (food, service, choices, portion sizes, etc.). i heard weird things last year. so we will see.

  • You gonna post Nicholas? Holly ripped it pretty bad. After what she past along to me, I am half heart to call and ask for our money back. Curious what you and terry got out of it.

  • I will, actually– I’d be interested in hearing what Holly has to say. Shoot me an email. I had no issues except for the slow service, but I tend to be patient when we’re in large groups.

  • Went to Jags on Monday. Menu choices were pretty nice compared some of the other RW offerings. Shrimp cocktail was huge & sauces were great, the foie gras with the caprese salad was perhaps the best I’ve ever had with huge heirloom tomatoes- rare for this time of year! The filet was cooked perfectly, but not as tasty as a Ruby filet! Bailey’s creme brulee was huge and much better than the run-of-the-mill vanilla at every other restaurant.

    Best of all, although the menu is only available in the lounge, the ambiance was great and they honored our OpenTable reservation so we still received points, as many restaurants cancel your reservation if you do not sit in the main dining room. Service was average.

    Not sure if we’ll try out any of the other restaurants b/c they all seem to have the same lame choices (caesar salad, steak or chicken and creme brulee or sorbet). Yawn.

  • I went to Tink’s last night. I had the smoked salmon tartar with lotus chips – good play of textures, although the chips were a little too salty and at times overpowered the tartar.

    I selected the scallops for my main course. Two decent-sized diver scallops cooked w/ brown butter were served on a bed of roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Arugula and apples slices were served on top of that. The apples were sliced too thin to add crunch to the soft root vegetables and the scallops. The scallops were cooked perfectly. The arugla was just out of place – it covered the scallops, which were the stars of the plate and should have been showcased as such. But the flavors were perfect.

    Dessert was amazing. They served a trio of selections – a flourless chocolate torte that was incredibly thick, rich and fudgey, served with a dollop of cream in some sort of vanilla and caramel sauces; a tiny slice of goat cheese cheesecake with chocolate sauce, which was so creamy and delicious; and a spoonful of the best creme brulee I’ve ever had. Ever.

    I’d go back to Tink’s to try their more expansive dinner menu, and I’d get the creme brulee again in a heart beat. Overall, it was a good introduction to the restaurant.

  • I agree with you and a lot of other posters. We did RW for the first time in Cincinnati last year and were saddened by the experience. We went to Chalk and had decent food but it all seemed too posed. I’ve been to Chalk other times and enjoyed my experience with the food (let’s not even talk about the service, liz blogged about it).

    This year we didn’t go at all. It’s like Valentine’s day for us. RW pulls everyone and their mother to dine at restaurants they wouldn’t otherwise try and therefore the restaurants make blah decisions on menu/food. (i.e. caesar salad.. steak or chicken)

  • The restaurant owners or whoever makes these decisions are fools. They have people who are dying to go out but don’t because of the economy. Finally they can go out and try a place that they normally wouldn’t try. Restaurant serves crap. When the economy gets better, they have not won over new customers, the RW people won’t come back and they will tell their friends about their experiences as well . It’s so foolish.

    I’m glad someone enjoyed Tink’s. It’s a good restaurant.

    I did RW in fall of 07 when Pigall’s participated, and the meal was really very good and thoughtful. The service was typical Pigall’s great. It was really good, and the four women I was with had never been there and now knew what all the fuss was about. They returned.

  • Went to Chalk this week. We had excellent food but terrible service. We were seated at 7 pm and served Apps at 8:15 and finally finished dinner and dessert at 10:30. This was ridiculous on a Wednesday night!

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