Review: Noodles and Co.

I hadn’t seen my friend Dave in a long time, so we decided to meet for lunch last Thursday, right after the first snowstorm. Since he works in Clifton, and I work in Mason, we tried to meet somewhere in the middle. He suggested Noodles in Kenwood, and I said “Sure!” Though you know me and chains, Noodles is a small-ish one, and specializes in fresh food. I’m down with that.

I got there a little early, and thus got to peruse the menu. They have a “Pick 3” combo– one salad or pasta dish, one side dish, and one protein. I chose Pad Thai with chicken and a side Asian salad. It was a fairly solid Pad Thai– it had two little peppers next to it, so I expected it to be fairly spicy, but it wasn’t– it just packed a little heat. It wasn’t too The chicken was freshly grilled, and pretty tasty, and the side salad was simple but hit the spot, even though the fat free Asian dressing was a little too vinegar-y.

Noodles and Company
The price was right, too– less than $10 for lunch is always great for me. I’d definitely go back and try some other dishes.

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