Review: Limoncello, Boston (North End)

it looked just like that, or else I wouldn't bother posting the picture.

A few other people from my office were in Boston, and after a happy hour, I got dragged (oh, darn) to Limoncello, in the North End.  The warnings I had heard were: if you go to the North End, avoid any place that has the Godfather (theme or music) playing, or that looks like a museum of Mafioso.  This place, with a cheerful, yellow interior and a bistro feel, has none of the “touristy” qualities I was told to avoid. Score.

We started out the meal with the signature aperitif– limoncello.  It’s made from a “secret Caprese recipe”, in house, and boy is it good– super sweet, lemony, and packs quite a punch.

Two appetizers were ordered:  scallops sauteed in limoncello with arugula, which were excellent– a little sweet (both the scallop itself and the sauce), and the rich lemon flavor of the limoncello was a nice compliment to both the sharp arugula and the scallops.  I could have easily eaten these as a meal.  Imported bufalo mozzarella, caprese-style was also ordered– I didn’t try it, but it looked great.

For my entree, I ordered one of their signature dishes (conveniently featured on their website, as I didn’t take any photos)– rosette al montasio ed olio de tartufo.  It’s pasta, rolled into the shape of a rosette, filled with prosciutto, and topped with a montasio cheese and tomato sauce, scented with white truffle oil.  I think this is what I always want at Trattoria Roma– something simple, with excellent ingredients, that makes for an amazing experience.  It had the perfect balance of cream, cheese, and tomato (like a cheese-laden vodka sauce, my favorite!) incredibly rich and were I not out in public, I probably would have licked the plate.

No dessert– except more limoncello.

Fun time– if you find yourself in the North End, stop by.

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