Review: Drinks and Apps at Pub at Rookwood Mews

Pub at Rookwood MewsSometimes, you don’t want a meal.  Sometimes you just want to hang out with friends, good drinks, and some appetizers.  The Pub at Rookwood Mews, owned by the same group that owns deSha’s and Nicholson’s, is a great spot for just hanging out and munching on British-inspired appetizers.  The bar, furniture, and decorations were all shipped over from England– and you can tell.  It feels like a pub that could be on any corner on the other side of the pond.

Pub at Rookwood MewsThe most impressive thing about The Pub, to me, is their beer list– it is extensive, and a lot of it is on tap.  The list includes American craft beers, English and Irish brews and even some Belgian choices– a very well rounded beer list.  Plus, they have Strongbow (my favorite).  Their cocktails are also a lot of fun– it’s the only place in town you can get a Pimm’s #1 cup (introduced to me by Jackie), one of those classic cocktails that you don’t see on menus very often, but is so good that you realize why it’s a classic– just perfect.  In case you’re wondering, a Pimm’s cup is Pimm’s (a gin-based spirit), lemonade, club soda and garnished with cucumber.  It is refreshing, but a little different than a gin and tonic.  It and the Negroni are my two new favorite cocktails.

Onto the food– please don’t think you’ll find anything healthy here.  You won’t.  The majority of the menu is fried– and I’m okay with this.  It’s bar food, plain and simple, and they do their bar food very well.  We started off with the pub crisps– cheese, bacon, scallions, and HP Barbecue sauce.  I LOVE HP sauce, and have since a friend introduced me to the HP and bacon sandwich (served on white toast).  It’s apparently classically British, and I love it.  It’s like a thicker, better tasting steak sauce than, say, A1.  The barbecue sauce is pretty tasty, too.  My only complaint is that there isn’t a ton of cheese– still, they’re pretty tasty, and I’m a sucker for fresh-cooked chips (or, really, crisps!).

We hadn’t eaten quite enough fried food (and we decided not to head to another restaurant for dinner), so we drank a little more and ordered their sampler platter.  It includes chicken fingers with honey mustard and HP barbecue sauce (average, but not bad), tempura-style shrimp with a sweet, spicy marmalade (very good and crisp) and calamari steaks with a curry-based sauce (some of the best calamari I’ve had, moist, meaty and delicious–  not rubbery at all.

This is such a great “neighborhood” bar– but just a tad upscale, more gastropub than hole-in-the-wall.  While we were there, there was also a birthday party and a bachelorette party going on, and I think this would be a great place to host such an event.  The crowd is diverse– XU students watching basketball to women out for girls’ night, to couples having drinks or meals.  The bar staff makes everyone feel at home, and there’s something on the menu for just about anybody. Now, if only they’d show proper football and cricket, it would be an ideal British experience!
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  • They have some sort of fried pound cake for dessert that is AMAZING. Though I haven’t been since graduation day in May of 06… well maybe once in fall of 06. hehe but so good.
    And they had FULLER’s beer.

  • We love the pub. We were just there on Sunday and saw Allison of Chickpeas please there too! If you don’t get the fish and chips, you’re missing out–they are the best I’ve had.

    Also, my friend Janelle was very excited about the Pimm’s cup. The only place we have found Pimm’s itself is Hyde Park Wine and Spirits–party source does not carry it.

  • Unless they’ve changed the recipe in the last few months, they used to be a little different. The Pub’s are beer battered, and Nicholson’s are battered and lightly breaded. They both are very good, but I prefer the Pub’s over Nicholson’s.

    Nicholson’s gives you the little lemon nets for the lemon, though, so that gives them some points. That way I don’t shoot a lemon seed into another diner’s food, or more often then not, in David’s eye.

    I was just thinking it’s been awhile since we’ve gone to Nicholson’s–maybe we could meet there one day after work for a few drinks and some fried pickes? Let me know if that sounds fun.

  • They must’ve changed Nicholson’s recipe, because they used to be simply beer battered, but since I discovered my favorite dish, their seared ahi, I have all but forgotten their fish and chips. I’m always up for drinks and fried pickles! Would be totally fun. Shoot me an email at winemedinemecinci at gmail and we’ll arrange something.

  • julie, could you add a link to the google maps location of the places you profile? it would just make it easier for those of us not exactly from the area know where these places are. just a suggestion, thanks

  • The Fish & Chips are really, really yummy. I like The Pub a lot, but Nicholson’s is still my favorite, they have an increadible Scotch selection and have two cask conditioned ales on draught. These beers are pumped up from the basement via old fashioned beer engines, and are served unfiltered and unpasterized.

  • i like rookwood pub more than i like to admit. i feel like i shouldn’t like it (chain, in rookwood, etc.) but the food, drinks, and service are all damn good.

    re: pimms, fyi that you can also get the pimm’s cup at gajah wong in northside. it’s the only other place in town i know of that serves it. yummy!

  • We love going to the pub. We usually stock up on the GC independents gift certificates to the pub to enjoy it more often. We always get the calamari. The curry mixed with the light taste of the breading and non-rubbery calamari is wonderful. We go back just for that.

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