An Open Letter to Bar Louie.

Dear Bar Louie:

Thank you for being open and serving food past 11 PM. It amazes me, that, in Newport, Kentucky, there is no place to get both drinks and food after 11 PM. Considering there is a movie theater, a comedy club, and a cabaret, not to mention several local theaters within walking distance of the Levee, it surprises me that you are the only establishment with the good sense to not close their kitchen at 11 PM. Well, that’s not true, but Claddagh essentially turns into a Karaoke bar around 10 PM on the weekends, so a group of people can’t really head there to socialize, say, after a performance of Hamlet.

Thank you, also, for having drink specials. Your Summer Breezes ($5) and draft beers (all $3) quench our desire for alcohol without breaking our banks. And your half price appetizers are great, too (I love the sliders and the hummus/tzatziki/tabbouleh platter; Terry loves the tater tots). Your burgers and sandwiches and salads are all pretty good too (and I know you get crowded with your Wednesday burger deal, which is a good deal too, if you combine it with a drink special: last time I did it, I got out of there spending less than $12).

I very rarely praise a national chain, but you’ve won my heart by your mere choice to stay open. Isn’t that sad? Local restaurants, I’m talking to you! Stay open for those of us that have the munchies and want an alcoholic beverage after 11– we will visit you often and tell others about you. If not, we’ll be forced to go elsewhere.

Julie (and about 16 cast members who are thrilled to be able to finally eat dinner at 11:30 PM…)

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