Taste of Belgium now at Luckman’s in Anderson

taste-of-belgium-logo-final1Did you know that I was in Belgium for four hours and declined to get a waffle– though they had them at the airport– because I knew that Jean-Francois’ amazing gaufres had spoiled me? I’ve had them in New York (not great) and Paris (also not great, to which Jean-Francois said, “Of course. You were in France.”), so the only place I’ll eat them now is in Cincinnati. Who knew?

Anyway, you can get those delectable waffles all around Downtown, Findlay Market (which is open in the winter, in case you’ve forgotten), and now in the suburbs– Anderson!

Luckman’s, at the corner of 8 Mile Road and Clough Pike, will be serving waffles (along with coffee) on Saturdays and Sundays, so now those of you in the Eastern suburbs can get a taste of Belgium too.

So I hear Steve Luckman, the owner, is a killer barista who roasts his own coffee. Sounds good to me. So go check him out, get a waffle, drink some Joe, and support small business. Next time I’m out in Anderson, you can bet I’ll stop by.

3 thoughts on “Taste of Belgium now at Luckman’s in Anderson”

  • THese are great waffles. Really good. I hate to say it…I’m gonna say it…I think he’s spreading himself too thin and soon his waffles are going to lose their special allure. It used to be “Oh hey it’s Sunday let’s go to Findlay Market and get a waffle.” Now I don’t bother getting one, because I know I can get one at 1,000 other places (I exaggerate) in town.
    Not that they aren’t great, not that I don’t think it’s swell that this guy has become quite a success with something very simple, but I just don’t want him to become stale…

    But Yum, they are good….

  • these waffles are the best thing in cincinnati right now! well, imo anyways. i went to brussels in march ’07, had a wonderful waffle covered in bananas, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. upon my return i discovered taste of belgium and dessert hasn’t been the same since! in fact, we had chocolate fondue on saturday and these waffles are the best thing to dip in chocolate!

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