Review: Lu Lu’s Noodle Bar

This falls into the “It’s a first so it’s a favorite” category. I went to Lu Lu’s with my friend John back in college. He said, “You have to try this stuff. It’s called Pad Thai. You’ll LOVE it.”

And I did.

Lu Lu's NoodlesIt is not authentic pad thai, but it was my first Thai experience, so I have to give it some credit. The noodles are too sweet, the sauce not spicy at all, (though they will give you some Sriracha if you want it), too many bean sprouts– but it’s become comfort food. It reminds me of college and some good times I had with my friend (who is now my coworker).

Lu Lu's NoodlesThe crab rangoon is my favorite. They use egg roll wrappers and pineapple cream cheese– they’re almost dessert! They are absolutely unlike any other crab rangoon I’ve ever had. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burned the roof of my mouth on them, but loved every minute of it.  It’s not savory, it’s very different, and it’s one of my secret cravings.  Yum yum, yum.

I’ve had their other dishes as well– the Mongolian beef is nice, and their noodle dishes are good.  It’s a half- step above your average strip mall chinese.

So don’t go to Lu Lu’s thinking it’s super authentic Asian food– it isn’t. It’s a favorite of mine simply because it takes me back in time– and food can (and should) do that on occasion.

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