It’s a snow day!

Well, it’s day two of who knows how many snow days. Terry’s been off school and I’ve been working from home. Conference calls are way more fun with a cat in your lap, don’t you think?

So what are you doing in all of this snow? We walked down to Vine Street Kroger for some non-perishables (and salad) yesterday. If we go today, we might need snow shoes. Terry finally watched Amelie, which he had never seen before. After this second trip to Paris, we’d basically seen all of the locations they used in the movie, which was really neat, including the Cafe des Deux Moulins, the cafe where she works!

Cafe de Deux Moulins, from Amelie

I wanted to let you know that a week or two ago I created a Facebook Fan Page for wine me, dine me. It was an experiment to see how one would work for work, so I tried it out on the blog and it seems to work well. Become a fan, I may send out some emails or some special, “fan only” offers (such as gift cards and such).

You can also become a fan via Google, which I’m just trying out. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it around, but if you go here, you can become a fan.  Simply scroll down and you’ll see “Become a Fan”.  Click there and voila!

Oh yeah, and you can still vote in City Beat’s Best of.

(When did social networking become such a popularity contest? Hmpf!)

8 thoughts on “It’s a snow day!”

  • Ahhh, les Deux Moulins. After the movie, the cafe got a bunch of money, and they re-did the inside. So unfortunately it doesn’t look the same anymore. The “tabac” area is gone, etc.

    I’ll fan you. I only recently found this site. It’s fun, thanks for doing it.

  • I’m glad you like it! I’ve been reading Gourmet or Gourmand for a while. It makes me hungry (and inspires me to cook more).

    Yeah, it doesn’t look the same at all– which sort of defeats the purpose, you know?

  • When I click the link (Facebook Fan Page), it takes me to the Facebook page… but when I click “Become A Fan” it gives an error (Add Fan Status Failed). Could be a FB problem as there are definitely some glitches on the new platform.

  • Yesterday my work closed and my boyfriends did as well. He lives in Clifton and we are always looking for new places to try and small businesses to support. We drove down to the Gaslight Disctrict and came across a new restaurant called Olives. You and Terry should try it out sometime. It’s where Uno’s used to be. I think it has a cool atmopshere, but the food was a little over priced in our opinion. We liked it though so we are going to go back during happy hour times.

  • One way downtown always triumphs over the suburbs: if your car is buried under snow, you’re still within walking distance of food. I don’t think I could ever live in the sticks again!

    BTW, thanks for the blogroll add! I happily returned the favor.

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