Go read Just Cured.

Just do it. This is the best commentary on the entire Jean-Robert/Wade situation, and about Cincinnati dining both past and present, that I’ve heard or read.

(Plus, Michael has a great blog in general that you should read… and his smoked products are to die for.)

7 thoughts on “Go read Just Cured.”

  • thanks for the tip julie. all my friends have been asking me questions assuming i know what is going on b/c i have a food blog. now i can be informed rather than just making shit up! “yes jean robert has left the group to go back to france and paint landscapes. meanwhile the restaurants are going to merge into one large all you can eat buffet located in newport on the levee.”

  • thanks for the link. great post, not only on Cincinnati dining, but the effect that the suburban way of living has had on this region in the last few decades.

  • Thanks for the plug Julie.

    My intent with the piece was not to shed any light on the de Cavel/Wade situation. I am much too close to it to speak publicly. I did think it appropriate to take one step away from that situation and comment on changes in our world that are not always for the better.

  • It’s so much nicer to read stuff like that than to read the “downtown is the devil!!” comments that go on the Enquirer page. Everyone and anyone who knows NOTHING about J-R, the restaurant scene downtown, etc., is commenting on why Chili’s is better than Pigall’s. It’s so disheartening, so it’s so nice to read well thought-out and intelligent writing. Thank yoU!

  • FYI, slogged to Greenup Cafe this morn for brunch. Closed “for remodeling” in other words “we have to give JR back all his cool stuff’.

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