Review: Cowgirl Chocolates

Foodbuzz sent me some free samples. I love free samples. Who doesn’t? They partnered with Cowgirl Chocolates and sent some my way.

The whole concept is the Western cowgirl– a little spicy, a little sweet, and really very endearing.  The packaging is great– signature red, with a teensy little cowboy boot decorating the package.  Aw.

Cowgirl Chocolate

They managed to pack one of each flavor in this teeny box– I was surprised!

Cowgirl Chocolate

1/4 pound of chocolate in that box.

Cowgirl Chocolate

The chocolates were half spicy, half not-spicy (“Mild Mannered”), and one piece of habanero caramel as a bonus.  The chocolate itself is very good, with a nice, rich flavor.  The mild flavors (milk, double dark, orange and raspberry lemon) were good and well flavored, but not anything unique or special.  The spicy ones?  Excellent and very unique.  I suppose that there’s nothing new about mixing chocolate and spice (mole, anyone?)  but it’s rare to find it in a truffle.  My favorite was the raspberry dark chocolate, which had just a hint of pepper, not overwhelming at all.   My least favorite was the habanero caramel– the caramel itself was great, but it was just a bit too spicy for me.  I, however, am a wimp, so if you like spicy and sweet, I think you’d love Cowgirl Chocolates.

I’d say order a box for valentine’s day– which is coming up, right?  Stick with the spicy and you have a unique gift for a chocolate lover who isn’t satisfied with plain old Godiva.