Review: Cowgirl Chocolates

Foodbuzz sent me some free samples. I love free samples. Who doesn’t? They partnered with Cowgirl Chocolates and sent some my way.

The whole concept is the Western cowgirl– a little spicy, a little sweet, and really very endearing.  The packaging is great– signature red, with a teensy little cowboy boot decorating the package.  Aw.

Cowgirl Chocolate

They managed to pack one of each flavor in this teeny box– I was surprised!

Cowgirl Chocolate

1/4 pound of chocolate in that box.

Cowgirl Chocolate

The chocolates were half spicy, half not-spicy (“Mild Mannered”), and one piece of habanero caramel as a bonus.  The chocolate itself is very good, with a nice, rich flavor.  The mild flavors (milk, double dark, orange and raspberry lemon) were good and well flavored, but not anything unique or special.  The spicy ones?  Excellent and very unique.  I suppose that there’s nothing new about mixing chocolate and spice (mole, anyone?)  but it’s rare to find it in a truffle.  My favorite was the raspberry dark chocolate, which had just a hint of pepper, not overwhelming at all.   My least favorite was the habanero caramel– the caramel itself was great, but it was just a bit too spicy for me.  I, however, am a wimp, so if you like spicy and sweet, I think you’d love Cowgirl Chocolates.

I’d say order a box for valentine’s day– which is coming up, right?  Stick with the spicy and you have a unique gift for a chocolate lover who isn’t satisfied with plain old Godiva.

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  • I always found Kona hip & fun with yummy food. My wife always found the service to be woefully inattentive. It was because of that we stopped going.

    The balance between quality food and service is quite the tightrope.

  • I am so blonde. Clicked the wrong post comment link.

    My bad.

    I guess I should say something witty about cowgirl chocolates now instead…..

    ….or I could just dash out the door, head hanging in shame.

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