Review: Chez Nora’s Brunch

So the Losers, as often as we chat, never get to hang out.  We decided, after having so much fun at our Cincy Chic photo shoot, that we needed to get together again, and soon.  Somehow, we found both a date and a locatin that would work for all seven of us: Sunday the 22nd, Chez Nora, brunch.

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t often post about restaurants in Kentucky.  There’s one big reason: smoke.  I’m a fan of the non smoking restaurant experience.  Downside of Ohio?  No alcohol on Sundays before 1 PM.  That severely limits one’s brunch choices if you want a bloody Mary or a mimosa, which we did.

We spent a good amount of time sitting and chatting, nursing said mimosas and bloody Marys.  Those who got the bloodys said they were good– I’m not a fan of savory beverages.  Michelle and I got mimosas, made with splits of Korbel.  The nice thing about mimosas is that you can use cheap sparklers– you can’t taste it with the OJ.

We finally placed our orders– most of us got croque madame, which is a croque monsieur (grilled ham and cheese with bechamel) with an egg on top.  This version came with two, which made it look even more madam-y (by the time we got our entrees, we were pretty tipsy, what can I say? Yeah, that’s my thumb in the picture.  Oy.). Kate said she loved the sauce and that they used good bread, which is pretty important.  I might try that dish next time.

Chez Nora Brunch

I had to be different, and I got one of the brunch specials, an omelet with smoked salmon, red onions, capers and cream cheese, sort of an omelet version of Terrys’ favorite winter breakfast.  It was great, this perfectly round and slightly puffy omelet filled with a well seasoned blend of ingredients.  The home fries, which were my choice of side, were crispy and well-seasoned.

Chez Nora Brunch

As far as the smoke, it wasn’t too bad, once you walked through the bar area.  I think I’d take Terry there some Sunday– he loves bloody marys.  I really need to get in there soon for dinner as well– I’ve only eaten there once for dinner, years ago, and liked it.

Where’s your favorite place in town for brunch?

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