Observations (Paris)

1. I read both French and german far better than I speak them.

2. However, my French is getting better. Still, my American accent makes the French reply in English anyway.

3. Patisseries and boulangeries are the best places on the planet. Seriously.

4. Skip French steak. Eat extra frites instead.

5. Mayonnaise is better than ketchup with said frites.

6. Cheap french vin rouge en pichet is so much better than cheap American wine.

7. Any society which subsidizes lunch for its workers (a good, healthy lunch) is ok by me.

8. That said, I think there were more Quickburger and McDonald’s than last time. I’m not convinced that’s a good thing. And yes, it is indeed a Royale with cheese.

9. Don’t accept samples of fromages or saucisson from market vendors. They are invariably good, but you can’t take them into the States. And if you don’t buy, you will feel guilty, and end up throwing away your treasure.

10. The best breakfast is a croissant beurre. The best lunch is a sandwich of jamon (ham) et beurre. Common denominator? Beurre. How French women stay slim is beyond me. Oh, right. Smoking. No thanks.