Kona Bistro closed

Looks like I missed some news. Kona Bistro closed. I won’t particularly miss it, but I’m always sad to see a local restaurant close. With the economy as it is, will anything replace it anytime soon?

Thank you Michelle for the tip.

8 thoughts on “Kona Bistro closed”

  • Actually, I believe that they are open through dinner tomorrow (12/31). I read that in an article over the weekend, but haven’t confirmed it personally; supposedly that is when there lease is up.

  • I always found Kona hip & fun with yummy food. My wife always found the service to be woefully inattentive. It was because of that we stopped going.

    The balance between quality food and service is quite the tightrope.

  • Well, I’m not too sad to see Kona close. It is the only place I have ever gotten food poisoning, which was the most miserable experience. I thought they had an interesting menu, but obviously the food poisoning turned me off of ever eating there again.

  • I’m not that surprised, I tried Kona probably 4 times and every time was very underwhelmed. The food just wasn’t that good. I hate to see a local restaurant close as well but this one I won’t miss.

  • Mixed feelings here. I really enjoyed their southwestern crab and corn chowder, but other than that, i was always a little bit underwhelmed by the menu and service. And do restuarants, even good ones, close all the time.

    That said, I do hope something non-chainey goes into that space.

    Interesting food meme: what Cincinnati food/eatery do you miss the most now that it’s gone?

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