Review: Palomino Euro Bistro

View from PalominoI love getting stuff in the mail.  I tend to shop via the internet because I just love packages or really anything that isn’t a bill in my mailbox.  I get a lot of junk mail, too, but every once in a while I’ll find something a little special– like a $20 gift certificate from Palomino’s because I somehow got on their mailing list.  Score.  Terry had gotten one before too, but we let it expire. Not this time!  One Friday night, we discovered that Palomino is open late (kitchen til 11:30) and we grabbed a reservation and walked over.

Palomino has such a gorgeous view of the city.  I’ve been there several times over the past ten years or so: I’ve worked for several people who used it as their restaurant of choice, and my mom liked to take me there for birthdays.  Terry and I had never been, and though it’s a chain, it’s a small one, so I thought it was ripe for a review.

Did I mention that the view was gorgeous?

More, after the cut…

Mojito, PalominoI started out with a mojito– theirs are pretty darn good. Not too sweet, not too tart, not too heavy with soda.  They’re not as good as The Quarter Bistro, but they’re pretty darn good.

Bread and tomato/olive/feta compoteThe waiter then brought a basket of their ciabatta and a tomato, olive, and feta compote that’s a favorite of mine.  The bread is fresh (they have wood-fired ovens) and the compote is fresh tasting as well.  I could easily make a meal out of it (which probably wouldn’t be a good thing).  I believe they also use it in their bruschetta, so if you’re tempted to order it, just wait for the bread basket.

Portobello mushroom soup, sherry cream

As an appetizer, Terry wanted to try the portobello mushroom soup with sherry cream.  It had just a hint of spice (from cayenne), and lots of caramelized onion and mushroom.  The sherry cream was a great compliment– just a bit sweet, and the alcohol cut some of the creaminess of the soup.  Very nice, and would be particularly nice on a cold day, watching ice skaters on Fountain Square.

Lobster ravioli, PalominoFor an entree, I chose the lobster ravioli.  The serving is three gigantic ravoli made out of fresh saffron pasta.  It is filled with lobster, scallops and tarrogon, covered in tomato sauce and lobster cream sauce and a bit of herbed marscapone.  The dish was great, though the marscapone wasn’t seasoned at all.  Marscapone can be a bit tasteless– a bit like unsalted butter– so I salted it just a bit which made it perfect. Half of the entree was more than enough, and made for a great lunch the next day.

Seafood fetuccini, PalominoTerry chose the seafood alfredo.  which was loaded with Parmesan, prawns and scallops.  It was a very competent Alfredo, nothing outstanding, but the properly cooked seafood added to the quality.  He’d order it again.

We skipped dessert since we were so full from dinner.  Palomino’s is a great place for a date if you want a beautiful view of Fountain Square and would be a nice place for a date.  I hear they  have a great happy hour too.  If you get that $20 gift certificate in the mail– use it!  You won’t be disappointed.

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