News: I lied. Here’s another Election Day Post

Krispy Kreme and Ben and Jerry’s are also giving out free products, but we don’t have either of those stores in our area (the closest Krispy Kreme is in Kettering, and the B&J near UC closed this year).  Currito Burritos are giving out free burritos to voters, which is located in Clifton near UC. Lastly, some (only about 84 nationwide) Chik-Fil-A locations are giving out free regular chicken sandwiches, but I’d call first.

ETA: Lines at Starbucks (and at the polls!) are pretty long.

5 thoughts on “News: I lied. Here’s another Election Day Post”

  • I remember when Ben & Jerry’s would do their free ice cream days, students would be lined up for a mile. How did I miss that they closed, I drive past it at least one or twice a day.

  • Yup, Liberal Foodie, it’s all papered up. I miss their banana rum ice cream– only available at the stores. I think you can still B&J it at some movie theaters around here, but you’ll pay double the price (and they have a limited selection).

  • Old news, but it turns out that giving anything to anyone because they voted could be considered bribery under several state’s laws, Starbucks ended up having to give freely to anyone who ordered a Tall coffee on November 4th.

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