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I just had a great meal at Lavomatic. Big group, handled beautifully (though, as David pointed out in the comments, it took a little while to get our checks– something I didn’t notice as I was busy gabbing with 5chw4r7z, Krista, @TommyTShirt, Barry and Kate). Fresh, seasonal, local food– just what they’ve always had. I had the grilled cheese of the day, gruyere and apple butter, and a beautiful salad with candied walnuts. I had a taste of the mac and cheese, which was good, but unexpectedly spicy and smoky, which I hadn’t been prepared for.  Good, but not something I could eat an entire small bowl of– even though it was topped with goat cheese!

I also got the same waitress I usually get there, who greeted me with a “Hey, how’ve you been, I haven’t seen you in a while!”  I wish I remembered her name (bad julie!), but she always has excellent recommendations.  I’d specifically ask for her table next time– she’s that good (and it’s always flattering to be remembered).

ETA: Her name is Caitlin, I just checked my receipt (and Amy reminded me too).  So ask for Caitlin.  She rocks.

From what I can see, it looks like things are going well at lavomatic. I was worried, but I was worried for nothing. Thank goodness!

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  • One thing was a little off last night. We asked for a check around 9pm- and it was almost an hour later before the server presented- with the whole group. Making my day longer isn’t a good thing when I have an hour return drive. Also, had to ask several times for water refills. The burger rocked, as did the mac and cheese I tried. Spinach salad was really nice- but the chilli was on the spicy hot side- way too spicy for me (luckily- I was only tasting).

  • Hey, David!

    I didn’t think it was an hour, but I was pretty busy chatting. Glad to hear about the burger– I had contemplated it, but passed.

    Good to hang out with you again!

  • I swear I don’t remember it being an hour. I generally give servers the benefit of the doubt when in a big group where nearly everyone is separate. It’s a PITA to split up and I know it.

  • It was a good 45 minutes, but as you all said, luckily the conversation was good for passing the time!

    Lots of fun and great to meet such an awesome group of people.

    PS: neat little comment thing, is it new? The checkmark next to my last post? not sure what it does, but Ill post this and find out!

    Teresa Lea’s last blog christmas morning…

  • I’m so happy to hear that you had such a fine time! Dave Taylor, who is the chef now, is a gifted, visionary chef with an excellent sense of practicality. Lavomatic is on a solid footing still, and it should stay that way for the foreseeable future. I decided to leave Lavomatic so that it could have a fighting chance (our management payroll was too high, and I wasn’t happy as GM), and the people who are still there are the right people for the job. I hope you’ll continue to pass the word around, because it is a dear place–and great to pass an evening, and you don’t even need five plasma TVs to enjoy yourself!

  • Thank you, Burke! I appreciate your comment. It IS a great place to pass the time, and part of its charm (for me) is that there aren’t any plasma TVs. You can sit and converse, for a reasonable price, in great atmosphere.

    Keep us posted on your future plans, Burke!

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