Lavomatic, new menu

I just had a great meal at Lavomatic. Big group, handled beautifully (though, as David pointed out in the comments, it took a little while to get our checks– something I didn’t notice as I was busy gabbing with 5chw4r7z, Krista, @TommyTShirt, Barry and Kate). Fresh, seasonal, local food– just what they’ve always had. I had the grilled cheese of the day, gruyere and apple butter, and a beautiful salad with candied walnuts. I had a taste of the mac and cheese, which was good, but unexpectedly spicy and smoky, which I hadn’t been prepared for.  Good, but not something I could eat an entire small bowl of– even though it was topped with goat cheese!

I also got the same waitress I usually get there, who greeted me with a “Hey, how’ve you been, I haven’t seen you in a while!”  I wish I remembered her name (bad julie!), but she always has excellent recommendations.  I’d specifically ask for her table next time– she’s that good (and it’s always flattering to be remembered).

ETA: Her name is Caitlin, I just checked my receipt (and Amy reminded me too).  So ask for Caitlin.  She rocks.

From what I can see, it looks like things are going well at lavomatic. I was worried, but I was worried for nothing. Thank goodness!

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