Greater Cincinnati Independents + Freestore/Foodbank = Epic Win

Pretty cool– Greater Cincinnati Independents are offering gift certificates for the holidays that work at every GCI restaurant!  That’s a pretty long list, as you can see!

The folks at Greater Cincinnati Independents have contacted me about becoming an affiliate– in other words, you, my readers, put in a code at the website and they give me a referral bonus.

So here’s the deal:  You buy gift certificates for your family, your friends, yourself, whoever.  Use the code WINEMEDINEME at checkout.

Any money I make through December 31 will be donated to the FreestoreFoodbank in the name of my wine me, dine me readers– and I’ll donate as well.  Together we can support local business and the hungry.

So head to and click on the link to buy gift certificates.  Put in winemedineme in the referral code box, and the money they give me will be donated to the FreestoreFoodbank.  You win, the Greater Cincinnati Independents win, and so does the Freestore/Foodbank.

P.S.– purchase more than $300 in gift certificates and you get a discount, up to 10% off, on the gift certificates purchased.  This is GREAT for corporate gifts!

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