Cincy Chic: Port and Chocolate

Michelle and I collaborated on an article for this week’s Cincy Chic Holiday issue.  She talked about wine and I talked about chocolate.  Yum, yum.

Here’s an excerpt.. check out Cincy Chic for the rest!

An easy but delicious finish to any holiday party is a course of chocolate paired with wine. It’s hard to pair chocolate and wine. Despite the fact a red wine may look like it belongs with a box of chocolates, the sweet and fatty flavors in the candy rarely complement a bottle of wine. That all changes when port comes into play.

Chocolate has expanded outside of the good old Hershey’s bar. While that’s still a choice for s’mores and Halloween, for holiday parties, go for something with more chocolate and cocoa butter, and less artificial ingredients. In choosing chocolate, look at the percentage of cacao. The higher the percentage, the lower percentage of sugar. Unsweetened, or bitter, chocolate is nearly 100 percent chocolate, and is usually used in baking. Dark chocolate has a minimum of 50 percent chocolate, and milk chocolate is between 30-40 percent cocoa. When looking for chocolate for eating, look for a minimum of ingredients from a reputable brand, such as Valrhona, E. Guittard, Ghirardelli or Dagoba. Avoid anything that includes oil as an ingredient, it’s making up for a lack of cocoa butter.

(And that’s Michelle and me at the Cancer Family Care benefit last week.  Her services were auctioned off for charity.  Isn’t that great?)