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Poll: Where should we go for my birthday dinner?

So for the past few (excessively busy) weeks, Terry has been bugging me about where I want to go for my birthday.  “Sweetie,” he says, “You have to pick a place.”

I want to go somewhere new (so I can review it, like the consummate blogger I am) but I just can’t quite pick.  Right now I have it narrowed down to Slim’s, Nectar and Honey (where I went to dinner with my mom last year, but I didn’t have the blog then so it doesn’t count).  I’m also open to some other suggestions.  So, what do you think?

For “other”, it has to be a place I haven’t yet reviewed and non chain, please.  Not a greasy spoon, either.  Pretty simple.  The poll will be closed on November 7, and I’ll report back as soon as possible with a review.

(For the record, I have reviews of JeanRo, Akira, The Madison and Amarin forthcoming, so those places aren’t eligible.)

ETA: A little bird told me I should consider Nicola’s, so don’t be surprised if I ignore the poll all together and go to Nicola’s.  I know, I’m no fun.  I wish I knew how to edit the poll…