Poll: Where should we go for my birthday dinner?

So for the past few (excessively busy) weeks, Terry has been bugging me about where I want to go for my birthday.  “Sweetie,” he says, “You have to pick a place.”

I want to go somewhere new (so I can review it, like the consummate blogger I am) but I just can’t quite pick.  Right now I have it narrowed down to Slim’s, Nectar and Honey (where I went to dinner with my mom last year, but I didn’t have the blog then so it doesn’t count).  I’m also open to some other suggestions.  So, what do you think?

For “other”, it has to be a place I haven’t yet reviewed and non chain, please.  Not a greasy spoon, either.  Pretty simple.  The poll will be closed on November 7, and I’ll report back as soon as possible with a review.

(For the record, I have reviews of JeanRo, Akira, The Madison and Amarin forthcoming, so those places aren’t eligible.)

ETA: A little bird told me I should consider Nicola’s, so don’t be surprised if I ignore the poll all together and go to Nicola’s.  I know, I’m no fun.  I wish I knew how to edit the poll…

15 thoughts on “Poll: Where should we go for my birthday dinner?”

  • I can’t speak to any of them, being from New Orleans, but I would say it depends on your mood. Which is the most romantic? Which is the bestest food? Which is the best for getting hammered? 🙂

  • mmm…nicola’s is good, good eats. also, south beach grill is good, if you like jeff ruby’s stuff, although i’d guess it’s similar to the precinct (although i haven’t been to that one yet). daveed’s in mt. adams is also very tasty, ooh! then head next door to the blind lemon and have a hot chocolate with amaretto whilst sitting in front of the fire in the courtyard. tasty AND romantic. 😉

  • I do not have a dinner suggestion. You don’t need my help for that. But after dinner it might be nice to go back home and share a big piece of the Bonbonerie’s chocolate-raspberry torte with a nice glass of wine in front of the fireplace (or burning trash can, whatever you do in OTR).

    Happy B-day in advance

  • While Nectar is good, I wouldn’t suggest it as a “special” place. Having moved to Cincy in May, we’ve had a couple of experiences there, including a theme dinner. Good, but not great.

    Our experiences are probably mostly pedestrian but I’d go with someplace like Aqua, Beluga, Oceanaire or perhaps Hugo’s.

    Good luck!

  • Teresa’s– what do you mean “real food”? And I’m not revealing the exact date of my birthday. A girl has to have some mystery!

    Stef– I thought about Jeff Ruby’s something, but we do their food fairly often. Plus, south of the river and Ruby’s = cigar smoke. Yuck.

    Westender– actually, that’s part of the plan– the cake at least. I think I’ll have to make do with a space heater or a fire escape grill instead of a fireplace, though.

    Dan– 🙂

    Gary– Good to know w/r/t Nectar. I like Hugo’s, but I’ve already reviewed it. I like Oceanaire too, but I’ve reviewed it a couple of times. Still bummed they’re not doing lunch… Welcome to the city!

  • honey > slims > nectar, in my opinion

    i have not been to nicola’s but have heard a lot of good things. i also keep hearing good things about 20 brix.

  • Definitely going to have to go with stef and say Nicola’s. I have always left there having had a delicious meal and great experience. The bread basket alone makes the trip worth it!

  • My boyfriend and I have made Oceanaire are “Special Occasion Go-To Place” mainly becuase we spend a small fortune everytime we go. I would definitely tell you to try it out soon, but maybe not for your birthday. Have you ever had a Korean Stone bowl from Sung or the Korean place over in Covingtong? That’s something really neat to do and very different. I also suggest trying Wild Ginger’s new Hibachi grill, but get a reservation becuase they fill up fast and we had to wait like 2 hours last week on a Thursday night!!! It was well worth the wait. If you end up going to Beluga they have 1/2 price sushi on Wednesday now starting at 5:00, it’s a steal.

  • Hi, Emily–

    I’ve been to Oceanaire a couple of times now, and like it, but want to try something different. I love Sung– it was one of my first reviews (almost a year ago, golly) and Riverside is great, too. Thanks for the tip on Wild Ginger; I like Beluga as well, but my birthday’s not on a Wednesday (and we did Sake Bomb for my birthday last year. 🙂 ).

  • Pitrelli’s in Mason. Charming little Italian place with the best eggplant parmesan in the city. I wasn’t wild about their dessert selection though. Go somewhere else for cake 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

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