Mini Review: The Madison, buffet

The Madison, buffet
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I recently attended a wedding at The Madison in Covington. It’s awfully easy to take pictures of food at weddings– no one thinks ill of you for having a camera out.

I’ve been to several weddings at the Madison– it’s a gorgeous facility, as far as reception halls are concerned. The food isn’t bad for reception hall food– they have a lot of choices, and their “basic” menu isn’t bad.

The usual choices are chicken and beef tenderloin. Chicken’s hard to keep from getting rubbery on a steam table, so I went with the carved tenderloin. It was pretty good– not as rare as I would like, butnot cooked to death, either. The vegetables (green beans and a squash/carrot mix) were good and not overcooked. The mashed potatoes were made out of actual potatoes (I went to one wedding where there were still lumps of potato flakes in the potatoes– yuck!) and not bad either. The white sauce is horseradish cream (a bit m ore than I would have liked) but was pretty tasty.

There was also a cheese tray, cocktails, bread with cinnamon and regular butter and, of course, wedding cake (and I have no idea who DID the wedding cake– must inquire). Their per person charge also includes wine and beer, so it’s a beautiful spot and not a bad value, either. Weddings are so darn expensive.