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Update: Blackout ’08

Both Terry and I are surviving the blackout. I don’t have power (I swear, I am the ONE block downtown that has no power), but Terry does, so I stop by my place to check on the cats and have otherwise been spending a lot of time at Terry’s. He’s been out of school for the past two days, so we’ve both gotten a lot of reading done (and I bought a Wii and I think Terry is now addicted!).

I DO have power at work (praise the Internets) but I doubt I’ll be posting for the next couple of days because I have no access in the evening. I’m sure you will all live without my food stories.

I’d post some food-saving tips (you know, for all of us whose refrigerators haven’t been on since Sunday), but I think that’s moot, as most freezers keep things frozen for 48 hours. I guess I’ll be cleaning out the fridge later this week!

How are you all faring (those of you who have net access, anyway!)?