Update: Blackout ’08

Both Terry and I are surviving the blackout. I don’t have power (I swear, I am the ONE block downtown that has no power), but Terry does, so I stop by my place to check on the cats and have otherwise been spending a lot of time at Terry’s. He’s been out of school for the past two days, so we’ve both gotten a lot of reading done (and I bought a Wii and I think Terry is now addicted!).

I DO have power at work (praise the Internets) but I doubt I’ll be posting for the next couple of days because I have no access in the evening. I’m sure you will all live without my food stories.

I’d post some food-saving tips (you know, for all of us whose refrigerators haven’t been on since Sunday), but I think that’s moot, as most freezers keep things frozen for 48 hours. I guess I’ll be cleaning out the fridge later this week!

How are you all faring (those of you who have net access, anyway!)?

7 thoughts on “Update: Blackout ’08”

  • … and here I thought *I* was the only one downtown (well, North Main/OTR area) without power. I had about $200 worth of frig/freezer goods that I moved to a friend’s place. Now I have no excuse not to scrub down the frig interior.

  • I am at my parents’ place. It’s a blessing and a curse – I remember now why I am so glad I have my own place!

    That said, I am very grateful for the electricity, the good food and the nice conversation (well, mostly nice.) My work is on hiatus, too, b/c of lack of electricity – I’m starting to feel some Cabin Fever!!

  • Drew– my car was two behind one that got smashed by a skylight. Well, my LOANER car. But still.

    Kate– My mom has no electricity either, so we’re both in the same boat. She said she was spending today cleaning out her yard. Her work (she’s a nurse) had to send someone to pick her up– no electricity equals car stuck in garage. Oops!

  • hope the lights come back soon for you guys! we’ve had power since monday in NE suburbs. the first call i made monday morning with the electricity out was to a coffee shop. such are my priorities.

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