Sad news: Grammer’s on fire in OTR

Breaking news from Joe Wessels— Grammer’s is on fire. Another report from the scene says that firefighters are dousing the place with water to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent buildings.

Other reports are that there are buildings on fire near Findlay Market.

UPDATE: 5:05 Furniture store near Findlay, and parts of the north side of the market on fire. This is devastating.

Stay safe, folks.

Update: Monday, 10:03 AM Official word from the CFD is that fire started at 1801 Elm Street and burning debris hit other buildings, causing fires. 1801 Elm, according to Google, includes Gibb’s Cheese Shop (though their retail outlet is in the main market building). I drove by Grammer’s myself and can see that there’s not a whole lot of roof left. Very sad.

My power is still out in OTR, and I hope everyone is safe and staying that way.