Review: Taz, Mason

My friend Dave IMd me the other night. “Have you tried Taz?” he asked. “Nope. Where is it?” “Mason,” he replied. “And it’s better than Mythos.”

Mythos, as many of you know, is the gold standard when it comes to gyros for a lot of people in Cincinnati. Me, I’ve always been a loyal Sebastian’s fan, but as I have had gyros elsewhere, I’ve found theirs to be lacking: watery tzatziki, not a lot of meat, clear across town. I don’t think I’ve had Sebastian’s once since I moved to OTR.

For additional motivation, Dave added, “And they’re 7.50 with a drink and fries.” Sold!

Steve (who seems to be my at-work blog companion these days) and I headed over to Taz for lunch today. It’s on Mason-Montgomery Road, next to Pizza Tower and behind Frisch’s in an old Fazoli’s. The owners have redecorated the Fazoli’s with tapestries, sheer curtains and pillows to make it feel like you’re dining in the classic, storybook Sultan’s palace. Not bad for Mason.
Taz, Mason
We each got the same thing– Gyros Supreme with fries. The difference between the regular Gyros and the supreme is the addition of some feta. Honestly, there wasn’t enough feta on it to taste, so next time I’ll just go with regular Gyros.
Taz, Mason
This was the biggest Gyro I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely stuffed with meat, tomatoes, onions, and thick, creamy tzatziki– not watery at all. We could have easily split the gyro and been more than full. The meat was well seasoned, particularly good for what is probably the standard gyro meat and the bread was slightly crispy, warm, and delicious. The tomatoes were pretty fresh– sometimes they can be tasteless, but these were obviously in season. The fries were okay, the kind with the slightly crunchy coating. Not bad.
Taz, Mason
Their dinner menu is pretty impressive, too. I’d love to come here for a Lebanese/Greek feast (their menu borrows liberally from both cuisines). For $10, with tip, this place is a steal. Taz may have stolen my gyro heart.
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