Recipe: Simple Salsa

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I seriously don’t know why I buy salsa in a jar anymore. It’s so darn easy to make it myself, particularly in tomato season (unfortunately, as I’ve heard from many of the farmers down at Findlay, tomato season has been cut short by the storms from last week). When it isn’t tomato season, cherry tomatoes make a great substitute as they tend to be sweeter and more flavorful even “off-season”. My friend Maria got this recipe from another friend, and I’ve made it several times in the few weeks since she shared the recipe with me and it’s gotten rave reviews, including “the best salsa I’ve ever had!” Awesome.

Most of the recipes I post are up for interpretation; change it to your tastes. This is how I’ve been making it lately. I like a lot of onion and cilantro in mine.

1 container of cherry tomatoes, or 6 or so homegrown tomatoes. Heirlooms work well, and look so pretty, with all of their different colors!

1 red or white onion, chopped semi-coarsely

1-2 jalapenos, chopped finely. I use 1, some people like it super spicy. I am not one of those people.

1/2 bunch of cilantro, chopped. This is also to taste. I like a ton of cilantro, but some people say it tastes soapy. I think it tastes fresh.

1-2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely. I love garlic, so I use 2.

Zest and juice of 1 lime.

Salt to taste

This is so easy and a great way to practice knife skills. You just chop everything up, throw it in a bowl, juice the lime over the top of it, zest the lime over the top of it and mix it up. Taste it– it probably needs salt. Add some. Taste it again.

You could easily modify this recipe to be more or less spicy, more or less citrusy, add some peaches or pineapple or corn or beans or whatever. It tastes best if it’s sat around for an hour or two. You can take a half cup or so of it and add it to some mashed avocado for guacamole. It’s just tasty stuff– you’ll never go back to the jar.