Post-Blackout Wrap Up

Day 57 / 365 – refrigerator
Originally uploaded by JasonRogers and used under Creative Commons licensing.

I got my power back on on Thursday, around 7:30. Today (Saturday) was the first day I bothered to clean out the fridge, when I realized I had too many containers of milk and only one of them was good. It’s never good to play Russian roulette with dairy products. My refrigerator is now cleaner than it’s been, oh, since I moved in (with a pleasant bleachy scent!) and I realize it looks like I’m a single guy in college. The contents of my freezer and refrigerator are as follows:

Freezer: empty. Nada. Nothing. I wish I could turn it off, because I have nothing to freeze. I lost mostly vegetables, chicken stock, and veal and chicken bones that I was planning to use to make into stock.

Refrigerator: soda (diet Mountain Dew Code Red, diet Coke, diet Sprite), beer (Corona), soy sauce, Power Ade Zero (Strawberry, Terry’s).

I haven’t really bothered to do any grocery shopping, aside from a little shopping at Findlay today. We have pork butt for smoking tomorrow after Oktoberfest, and bacon for BLT, but that’s it. It’s sparse in there!

Did you guys have problems with food storage during the blackout? What did you lose? Heck, do you still not have power? Let me know!

(Photo originally uploaded by JasonRogers and used under Creative Commons licensing.)