News: Cincinnati EATS

The fall edition of Cincinnati EATS will be held at Daveed’s on Tuesday, September 9. You can sign up online at Tickets are 37.30 apiece and benefit Cincinnati Cooks, a program of the Freestore/Foodbank that helps needy folks gain some skills that can help them find great jobs in the culinary industry.

I do, of course, have the menu– it looks really interesting! I’m hoping to make it there on Tuesday, but if I don’t, someone needs to report back. I’m sure it will be a really fun event (it was last time)!

Vinho Verde Spanish White Wine … glass $7 – Bottle $20
Borsao Spanish Red Wine … $7 – Bottle $20
Daveed’s White Sangria … $7 glass
Full wine list will be available

1st course
demi tasse of white gazpacho, green grape & spicy shrimp salad

2nd course
golden beet, local corn, fresh montrachet, baby arugula, tomato garni

3rd course (your choice)

vegetarian – wild mushroom risotto
Scottish Salmon over risotto
duck breast medium rare over risotto

4th course
banana cake, white chocolate mousse, fresh berry, crème anglaise

Looks great– I’d be all over the duck breast and a glass of vinho verde. I assume that the risotto the salmon and duck are served over is wild mushroom– smart move. Is it dinner time yet? I’m hungry!